September 2012 – The Start of treatment

The Start of Treatment – Meeting Dr. S.

I woke up one morning at the end of August and could not feel my left leg. At first, I thought maybe it was being funny because of swimming, or pinched a nerve. After a few days of no improvement, I began to get really worried and called a naturopathic doctor I had heard about, one who “thought outside the box”, Dr. S.  I was hesitant at first because when I thought “naturopath”, I kind of thought he was going to give me a cinnamon stick and do some voodoo witchdoctor shit on me and tell me I’m cured. I didn’t know what to expect, but conventional medicine wasn’t working for me so far and I thought it was worth a try. I made an appointment and got in the first week of September.
Here is a link about what a naturopathic doctor does 🙂

Now I can say I would recommend him to anyone. He will sit and LISTEN to everything you have to say, everything, even if you think its not important, typing a hundred miles per hour and not interrupt you or make you feel like you are stupid. I liked this.  

 After you are all done talking, he starts talking and lets you know what he thinks are the issues. He recommended me to see a neurologist, . He said he was sure it was Lyme but I also showed symptoms of MS. 
He gave me a 3-day Lyme antigen pee test and a prescription for doxycycline.  Yes, naturopathic doctors can also prescribe antibiotics/etc. He also gave me a few supplements, such as glutamine and probiotics to protect my gut lining as high doses and long-term antibiotics can do a doozy on your stomach.

  So once I had my appointment and his thoughts on the matter, he told me I was handling it better than most of his patients. I told him I was tough and could handle it and wasn’t that type of person. And I wasn’t…usually. Actually I was happy for the fact that I felt like I was getting somewhere as the whole ‘it’s in your head-myalgia thing’ wasn’t working for me anymore. However, not going to lie, as soon as I pulled out of his Doctor’s office, I bawled like a little baby and called my husband to tell him what the news was. I had my “little bag” of pills that he had given me including my prescription of doxycycline and thought that was bad at the time. (Laughs)


The unknown I think was what I was most afraid of. Dr. S had told me about something called a “herx” reaction. It is initially the “die off” of the bastards, that can make your symptoms worse first and before they get better. He also suggested I keep a journal of any new symptoms I may start to have. New symptoms? What was this guy talking about? My legs were bugging me, I am achy and I’m exhausted, what the heck else could happen? I thought to myself, does he deal with a bunch of whine-ass pussies all day long? Take a few months of pills, get better, rainbows, glitter, and unicorns. 

I was told lots of work and exercise would make things worse. And I wanted to get better ASAP. So that evening, I told my boss that I could no longer work at the restaurant for the time being. I had fear of the unknown, and was thinking it would only be a temporary issue. Either way, I was completely heartbroken. I cried once again explaining the situation and my leg got much worse through the rest of the night as I was hobbling around to my tables.

 Now I am so glad I did leave the restaurant, because very shortly after, I got worse. Much, much worse. The following day I noticed I was much more tired than usual but still managed to go out for a glass of wine with a few friends although I called it an earlier night than usual. That was the last time (In September) I have gone out on my own. (It’s Christmas Eve as I type this entry now)

Within a few days of the doxycycline, I started to fade fast. I started to get horrible headaches, new joint pains in my wrists and knees, muscle pains much worse than before and full body spasms. My hands and legs would twitch like crazy. Sitting still my body would rock, back and forth. My legs tingled and I could no longer feel my left foot and most of my leg. At all. I could have sawed my leg off and not felt a thing. I feel like, at this point, I have lost control of my body and haven’t gotten it back yet. 

 And my mind… that went to shit. I could no longer focus, concentrate, and was starting to have a hard time speaking. I would forget what I was going to say, my words were jumbled up and I developed a stutter. I felt like I was completely stoned out of my mind and very dizzy.

 My glands on my neck began to swell and I learned very quickly that diet was IMPORTANT. You have to detox, detox, detox. My throat would swell to the point of gasping for air if I had as much as a piece of macaroni. Gluten free was more important as ever. At this point, gluten free was a MUST, but I still was having issues with potato products and corn as well. I limited my sugar and dairy intake too. My throat was so swollen I stopped eating steak. I was afraid that even if Dave helped cut it in little pieces for me (He had taken over pretty much every household duty) I would choke to death. 

 After a few weeks on the doxy, it became too much. I developed a new sort of rash on my chest, that was like giant unpoppable pimples (sexy I know), and I also had white blotches on my back.  My throat was on fire and completely raw, it was giving me severe heartburn and the meds were starting to make me nauseous. I would get so carsick on my short drive home from work that I would vomit on myself because pulling over wasn’t an option. I was determined to make it home on my own and not call someone to come and rescue me.

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