December 2012 – The Start of my IVs

ImageI finally got the phone call that my PICC was approved and I headed in to get my line put in. The process wasn’t as bad as what I expected. I personally thought the lidocaine; the numbing shot was the worst part in relation to pain. I could have lived without the intercom phone call my RN had asking her to go to radiology to remove an infected PICC line when I was getting mine put in though! That surely put my mind at ease. (sarcasm) I asked a million questions and Dave was great taking an interest in learning how to do the infusions. I was kind of foggy so I was glad he was there to help me. The insertion site hurt for a few days and there was some bruising, but very minor. I ordered some baby leg warmers to cover up the line and make it a little more “fashionable”. They seem to be a hit with the hospital staff and are way better than the ugly nude colored covers that the hospital gave me. I have polka dots, stripes, and even some dinosaurs. I am awesome, I know. Image

  I started out on the Rocephin, the dosage being one gram, twice a day as well as my array of supplements and gabapentin. Dave took me to the pharmacy the following day and I was a little overwhelmed with my month’s supply of IV “stuff” (syringes, medicine, saline) I clearly would need to figure out how to make more closet space. 


Immediately, my nausea subsided which was a relief. With every new drug seems to be new symptoms. I was becoming increasingly hungry. This was around Christmas time, so all the “good food” that I was not suppose to be eating I could not get enough of. In one sitting, I ate an entire loaf of zucchini bread and a novelty size cookies and cream candy bar. My new love had become bacon cheesy fries. With lots and lots of sour cream. Although I was still suppose to be gluten free, I noticed the effects were not as bad as they once were, but I knew I had to stop and follow directions. 

 My temperature seemed to always be off, normal for me is 97.6,  and my most unusual symptom was that I could not take a bath without becoming hypothermic. I didn’t want to take the chance of taking a shower, even with the saran wrap on my arm, as the RN told me I would have to go to the hospital to get my dressing changed if I got it wet. 

 So baths it was. Dave helped me in the bath. Sometimes he couldn’t even understand how I could even get into the scorching hot water, but I couldn’t feel how hot it was. I thought it was freezing; teeth chattering, I’d be completely blue, unable to speak or move. My lowest temperature during these times has been 95.9. Brrr. Once I got out of the tub, fuzzy socks, warm pajamas, and a blanket seemed to do the trick. Within 10-15 minutes I was back to “normal”. I like to keep things interesting. 

 Every day I dealt with the usual fogginess and living in the clouds feeling I have grown accustomed to. I still had verbal and physical tics and started to have horrible back pain that radiated throughout my spine. Even my weekly therapeutic massage wasn’t touching this. 

 I told Dr. S. of this new back pain, as it was never this bad before, and he said he could give me a chiropractic adjustment. A jack-of-all-trades! I think it was just what I needed, as there was remarkable improvement and the oddest thing occurred…. after the adjustment my tics, constant as they were, seemed to nearly disappear. I think now, that I might have just been having a few better days and the Rocephin was beginning to work but it would have been rather interesting if an adjustment could have cured my tics.

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