February – Part 2

Dr. S. sent me an email in the following weeks that something popped up on his usual array of multiple blood tests. I had to do a double take at the email. He had said I had a genetic mutation called MTHFR 677. Ummm… Motherfucker genetic mutation? It sure looked like that to me on the email. Dr S, being the nice and thorough guy that he is, gave me some info on  as to exactly what my motherfucker deficiency meant. It basically meant I have a harder type processing chemicals, specifically the methalation process and turns vitamins on and off. Folic acid, a beet supplement, and a daily vitamin are suppose to help as well as glutathione. 

 Another thing that Dr. S. wanted to test for was different metal toxicities in my system. I think at this point maybe he was thinking I should have been making more progress, but wasn’t, or that he might have been missing something that was causing all the neurologic damage? I don’t really know. But either way,  I had to do a 3 day pill regemin and save my pee for 24 hours. I was surprised to see that I had lead and mercury poisoning as well as a few minor insufficiencies in my system. I just had to laugh.  Just another thing to add to the list.

 Dr. N. added a few new IVs to the mix, a glutathione IV and IV milk thistle to try to help my organs out, as I was still having high liver enzymes and pancreatitis.

 Once I started the Erythromycin along with my IV rocephin, I was showing some new symptoms and it was definitely aggravating the Lyme. I began to stutter my words almost like I created my own language and my tics continued. 

I began to have heart flutters and shortness of breath as well as chest pains. I told my PICC nurse of the chest pains, and she put me on a basic heart monitor and didn’t find anything wrong, but wanted me to go to the emergency room and get an EKG. I asked who was working and it was my all time favorite Dr!, Dr. Dipshit! The only who told me that because I wasn’t crying, it couldn’t hurt that bad. I politely declined but she made me email Dr. S. right away to let him know. I think it was my methylation products being too much to start, a decrease seemed to help rid myself of at least the chest pain.

I began to have horrible nightmares and night terrors. I got up one night during one of my night terrors and was convinced there was someone outside. I yelled at Dave to get up and look outside and grabbed my car keys and locked my car.

I was sitting and looking out the window and Dave convinced me that he would look and to try to go back to bed. At this point I started to feel like I was going crazy. My Lyme rages were out of control. I would flip at a switch, usually at Dave. I am so glad he is there for me and is in it for the long haul. I would not put up with me if I were him. I don’t know how he does it, but he does. 

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