Febuary 2013 – Part 1

The pain after the surgery was to be expected, sore but tolerable. I was allowed Percocet for the next 2 weeks but after 2 days I stopped taking them as I wanted to get back to work and drive again, even though I never travel far it’s still something to get me out of the house.

 After a week I saw the surgeon and she pulled my big bandages off. She said the smaller ones would come off. I felt kind of gross at this point. I didn’t feel like taking a dixie cup bath for a few days after the surgery. I felt gross, but I didn’t care. My last bath was on Wednesday, the day before surgery, and it was now Sunday. Yes, I said dixie cup bath. Between being cold from taking a bath anyways, not being able to get my surgery incisions wet, and the non-foolproof saran wrap method of showering; I have begun the dixie cup baths. 

 After a few days of observing my incisions, I was kind of mortified to see one of my incisions. The area arose, and there was a very noticeable bump.  I have a big bird tattoo on my side, (a big tattoo with a large, pretty bird, not Big Bird from Sesame Street), and it looked like my bird was catching a rock that was on my stomach. I could see it through my tank top.  

I showed Dave and he immediately started laughing. “You have an extra nipple!”  “When we finally get to go on vacation, you will have to wear a one piece even though you aren’t fat anymore!”  It grossed myself out. You could tell Dave was grossed out too.  So I made it a point to lift my shirt whenever he was sitting on the couch and make him touch my extra nipple because I am that mature. One morning, I woke up and it was gone. The end of an era. 

 Two weeks after having my bandages pulled off I ended up having to go to the hospital yet again. I had a lump, right next to my belly button, about the size of a half a golf ball. It was extremely painful, and Dave convinced me to go to the hospital. I called the hospital to ask what I should do, and they paged the surgeon on staff and he called me back within 15 minutes. He told me I should definitely come in to have it looked at. I went in and he thought I might have a possible internal infection from the surgery. What a joy. He wanted to put me on Cipro but I really did not want to have the sick feeling again. We agreed on Erythromycin. 3 pills a day 333mg each. Within 2 days my half a golf ball was gone. I followed up with my surgeon, and she was unsure if I did have an infection (my blood work later showed I was trying to fight something, most likely an ifnfection) but she suggested fluid build up. Either way, it seemed to go away.


 Dr. N’s  take on the whole thing btw, kind of shook me and my respect of her fighting to try to get me into the ER was fading. I not only did not hear a response to my phone or email, she said, “well maybe they left a sponge in you because that hospital sucks.” Well okay! To this day whenever I feel any pain on that side, my mind reverts to her statement and it really makes me wonder… is there a sponge in there? 

 With each new antibiotic, new Lyme symptoms seemed to show.

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