May Part 3 – Testing, testing, one two three!

I  had my abdominal CT, chest X-ray and neck ultrasound completed at the local hospital. For the abdominal CT, they make you drink the grossest, chalkiest drink that is suppose to taste like berries. Well, it doesn’t, just to let you know. My theory is that they could make it taste like a chocolate or vanilla smoothie but they really just like to torture their patients a little bit.


 I had to drink one at 8 at night and then at 8 in the morning for my 9 o clock appointment. Well, I must have a  big stomach because as soon as I went into the CT machine at 9 on the dot,  the man asked me, “did you drink that drink you were suppose to?” I told him I did, and that it was disgusting, and he made me drink yet another one as my stomach was not full enough yet to do the test.


It didn’t take me very long to get my results back for all of these tests. The abdominal CT did not show anything out of the ordinary, other than my ovarian cysts had gotten worse since my April 2012 ultrasound, as I had just had a single one before, and now I had a few bigger ones and a bunch of little tiny ones. 


 None were big enough to be a concern to do anything about, but I was sure that starting a birth control regimen as requested by DC to lessen my already non existent periods ( periods and extra hormones make the herxing worse) would probably help this issue out. My chest x ray looked good, and there wasn’t anything to worry about in my neck ultrasound either. They were worried about a thyroid or lymph issue, which is why they ordered my throat x ray, but it appeared  that everything was ok. 


I had an appointment with Dr. S and we went through what had been going on symptom wise for the month first, as everything always seems to be a little different every month. Everything had been about the same: exhaustion, allover pain, droopy face muscles, stuttering, and the hot flashes. 


I was still having  the chest pain, the feeling that my heart itself hurt, and well as constantly being out of breath. I never know when something is serious so that is always a cause for concern having things like that happen, but I had the appointment with the cardiologist made so I was going to let him figure it out.


I was also a little concerned about circulation issues as I had been bruising like a peach and my feet were constantly turning blue. I am not sure if this was a relatively new thing or I just hadn’t noticed in the winter months as I would wear sneakers and socks, not sandals all the time. 


My tics  were getting worse. He thought methyl donors might have been aggravating it. My prescription called Deplin, is 15,000 mg folic acid, Dr S.  cut down to 1,000 mg of his supplements and worked my way up to 7,000 mg for the time. I am now alternating between both. 


New issues for the month were a constant creepy, crawly, itchy skin feeling on my arms and legs and I had the weirdest pressure on my forehead, almost like I was wearing sunglasses that had slid down onto my forehead, not a headache, but it was just enough to start to drive me nuts and constantly want to rub my forehead to make it go away.


Dr S. had received some of my bloodwork back already, as I requested all the tests to be forwarded to him as well. 


On the more more routine tests for bloodwork, I was low on magnesium, which is pretty common among lyme patients. My reverse T3 serum and pro time levels came back a little high (just a little bit and nothing to worry about) and my CPK levels were low.. once again not by much found out that it is ok to have lower levels for CPK, it’s high levels that you have to worry about. 


 I had positive mycoplasma pneumoniae, which is an atypical bacteria that lives as intra- or extracellular parasites. This infection causes pneumonia, chronic fatigue, asthma, encephalitis, and development of arthritis is also frequent.  Dr. S. told me that this type of pneumonia is very hard to kill. 


I tested positive for a blood clotting disorder, Factor 5 Leiden, which makes me susceptible to clotting too much. Dr. K had called me about this issue and started me off on an aspirin regimen, to try to help me lessen the issue. This would probably explain some of the circulation and bruising issues. Kind of makes me feel like an old fart having to start an aspirin regimen at the age of 26, but knowing I will be going back on IV treatment, it was important to address this issue sooner than later. 


I also tested high for something called HHV-6. A type of herpes, yay! I wasn’t super excited for this one, because my diagnostic codes for insurance that Dr S. had given me had said that I had hepatitis, so my mature husband spent a few days acting like a typical teenage boy exclaiming, “you have crotch critters, you have crotch critters!”, like he wouldn’t have them after being with him for nearly nine years. When I got that paperwork and had an appointment with Dr. S, I actually had him clarify in his notes “Hepatitis = inflammation of the liver. The cause was likely rocephin ( drug induced hepatitis)” So NOT contagious. In yo’ face, Dave!


  Actually with HHV-6, if you look it up, it is generally something that kids, typically before the age of two already have, is generally transmitted by saliva, and you are actually more likely to test positive for it, than negative for it. However, there is numerous studies that show that this virus can play a part in a lot of different neurological conditions. This was just extra information for them.


On a good note , my liver and pancreas enzymes were finally back to  normal! 😀 😀


I  was happy to hear on my way out his door, that in the notes from DC,  that they said I had a very positive attitude about everything.  I  don’t know if everyone is just a debbie downer all the time or glass half empty types of people are the ones that have to go and see Dr’s or have to deal with a struggle in their life. I’ve heard this remark from quite a few people. Even though things are sucky right now, doesn’t mean that they will always be, and I feel like I am so blessed in other ways and you need to be POSITIVE to get better. I know so many people that seem to get in a rut of unhappiness and nothing ever gets better for them, whether it is health situations, or life in general. If you have a positive energy, you can do just about anything! For me, it’s going to help me get my life back 🙂 

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