June Part 1

In the beginning of June, Dave got out early to take me to a hospital in our state that had the SPECT scan. A SPECT scan is a test that actually shows brain function, and will show if something isn’t working properly vs. an MRI that would just show if there was a tumor, white matter, or lesions. Once we got to the hospital, about a 2 hour drive away, we didn’t have to wait long to start the procedure.

I was sent into a room and a nice man told me what the procedure was going to be like. He would inject some dye in my skin, and I would have to try to relax my brain, no talking, just sit with the lights out for a few minutes, then I could go to another room to get ready to have the imaging done. Of course, once again, multiple stab wounds to my arms as he couldn’t get the line in, so I had to get it done in my hand. Then, it was silence and darkness until it was time for my test. Dave was probably pretty psyched about the complete silence after the 2 hour car ride with me “jibber jabbering” as he calls it. 


I was sent into  a room, with another guy, fortunately no Johnny or anything was required, they just had me take out my facial piercings. He told me to stay as still as I could, and strapped my head in to avoid extra movement. Of course, I didn’t tic during the test, I was kind of hoping I would to see if anything would show up, but I generally don’t tic very much when I am lying down. The machine kind of looked like a mini CT or MRI machine for your head. After about 20 minutes, which seemed to go by rather quickly, I was all done, and sent on my way!

Next was my trip to the gynecologist.  I brought her my recent CT’s as well as my bloodwork and told her that I needed a birth control to stop my almost non existent periods, but that I had gotten sick on almost a dozen different kinds in the past. She recommended me a progesterone shot, as she told me I should never take estrogen with a blood clotting disorder. I had never taken a birth control that was progesterone based, but knew I felt better on prescription progesterone, so was willing to try. She gave me a shot of Depo Provera, and said it should be good for 3 months and to record if I have my period so they can tweak the time they give me future shots as they can make you have fewer. Well, I still haven’t gotten it so maybe it’s working. Or I am Preggers. I am highly seeming to doubt that one.  She also said that this shot should also help with the ovarian cysts. So far, this type seems to not be making me sick, but have noticed my face to be breaking out like a teenager. I think it complements my raccoon eyes and dirty, greasy hair quite nicely 🙂 


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