July Part 2 – Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to the ER I Go!

I had Dave write down everything that happened that brought me to the hospital when I got home, as I do not remember what had happened that evening. This is his words, so I could share with my Doctors. 

 “Right off the bat, Kim stated that she didn’t feel right as soon as she rode the elevator and she was messed up pretty good. She ate dinner, and had one drink that is basically pineapple juice then within 5-10 minutes after dinner she said she still didn’t feel right and needed to go sit down in another room. I went to look for her around 5 minutes later, and she was in the bathroom on the floor. I noticed she was covered in sweat and tried to talk to her but she was unresponsive. I had our friend Justin hang out with her until I could pay the bill. He tried to get her to say her name or squeeze his hand but she was still unresponsive so I picked her up and brought her outside and put her down on the curb and she started tremmoring like a regular type seizure. This was not normal for her. Her episodes usually did not last this long, and she has never previously had what looked like a grand mal  seizure. I had him hold her there and I brought the car up and our friend Josh carried her to it and there was still no response from her at all. From there, we took her to the hospital and put her in a wheel chair and I had to hold her head up because she couldn’t. A male nurse came and got her and he held her head up too, and that is when she started to wake up. “

 I  happened to get the worst possible nurse that day. What is it with my shitty ER experiences? Unfortunately, the 4th of July is probably one of the worst days that you could have an issue to be brought to the ER. A hot summer day, lots of drinking, sun, and dehydration, although it should really have had no bearing on me at all.  This lady was beyond unprofessional and by the end of my one hour stay that didn’t accomplish anything other than getting my temperature and blood pressure taken, I was ready to punch her in the face.

 All of you have probably had an experience or two at the ER, whether it was going there for a loved one or something that has made you have to go there. As soon as you walk through the door, you are bombarded by the front desk for paperwork and insurance info. Dave was busy filling out intake paperwork for me, and our friend, Josh, was trying to tell this nurse what had happened. Dave came back over and she said to Josh, “Wait, you’re not her husband? Then I don’t want to hear about it.” It’s not like he was asking for my medical info or making decisions for me, he was just trying to tell her what happened. What if someone takes a friend to the ER ? Do they really not want to know what brought them there in the first place? Not off to a good start. 

 As soon as she began to ask me questions, I knew exactly what she was getting at. She wanted to know my medications, and I told her my lengthy list that I had taken in the morning but had not taken my nightly dosage yet.  She also asked if I had anything to drink, and I was honest and told her I had one cocktail with my dinner, and that  it was the fruitiest low alcohol content glass of pineapple juice and told her she could either call the bartender as I have his number as he is a friend, my husband, or our friend  Josh that was there with us to verify. I had just had a seizure lady, sooo sorry I was just a wee bit loopy, exhausted and slurry, trust me, I wasn’t remotely intoxicated.  From this point on, in her mind, I was a drug addict/alcoholic, and this is exactly how she treated me.

 She asked me if I had an anxiety disorder based on some of the medications I was taking, and I told her they were for seizures, and she told me there was no way I had a seizure, since I walked into the patient room myself. It was later verified by our friend, the male nurse, and Dave that this wasn’t true. The male nurse had to lift me out of my chair and onto the bed as well as undress me to put the johnny on. I was coming out of my unconsciousness when I got there but was still out of it until after a few minutes of lying down, and wasn’t seizing when I got there, but thought this was highly unusual that she would say this when so many people had said that she was not telling the truth. She completely disregarded that I have been on seizure medications for seizures and for my verbal and physical tics since November and she entirely ignored the fact once I woke up my face was entirely drooping on the right hand side. 

 I told her about my blood clotting issue and also told her about my heart issues and that I had been taking a beta blocker, but had not taken it in the past week due to nausea but had not gotten my new prescription yet. She looked at me and said, “well, you don’t have tachycardia today” and would not do an EKG to be safe. 

 When I got there, Dave told her I had Lyme disease and she asked about that, and I told her I was going to DC to see a specialist. When she left the room, which is just a curtain, Dave came over to her and asked if the Lyme could have done this as it was different than before and I haven’t been on an antibiotic treatment, and her response was that “IT WAS LIKELY A PSYCHOLOGICAL THING GOING ON WITH ME, FOR ATTENTION”. At this point I had just about had it. I just wanted to go home. I wanted to go to bed, I was completely drained. I was ready to sign out of the hospital, against medical advice.

 At that moment, the Dr. finally came in to see me, and I told him that I felt like I was treated unfairly and told him that the nurse was a c*nt.  I told him I was sorry to be taking it out on him, as he really seemed to be a nice guy, I was just ready to leave. He said he had looked at my medical history and info and he himself got pissed as she WAS suppose to do an EKG (The Doctor ordered her to) but she wouldn’t do it. She was also suppose to put electrodes on my legs (maybe part of the EKG?) but didn’t. The Dr. really wanted me to stay so more tests could be run and to figure out why this had happened, as it was different than the other ones that I usually have, but I made up my mind. Home. Bed.

 The nurse came back in and he told her that I was ready to be discharged and she asked why and I told her politely that she had treated me poorly, judged me, refused to take in account my medical history or do any tests on me other than the blood alcohol test (the only test) she was willing to do. She said “well, I don’t know what to tell you!” in a snobbish, yelling tone of voice, and literally then stomped out of the room like a two-year old having a tantrum.

 If it would have really eased her mind I would have just taken the damn blood alcohol test, to rule it out and shut her up, but ALONG WITH other tests to figure out why this happened. I wasn’t waiting over an hour to hear that what we already knew, that we were all telling the truth and still be absolutely nowhere after already waiting over an hour before anything was done to begin with. No thanks.

 At this point, the Dr. told us once more that he was our Dr, not her, and said once again I really should stay but he couldn’t make us and was going to get me the discharge papers. On his way out the door, he slipped Dave a little piece of paper with her name on it, and said, “please, write a letter about her.” My guess is this isn’t the first time she has acted like an immature bitch and mistreated a patient. And you better believe, that’s exactly what I did.

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