Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinnah!


This is my “break” from treatment, to prepare me and get me ready for my new antibiotic treatment. Funny because this seems to be a lot, but I feel like it is hardly anything compared to what I use to take as I took nearly 60 pills a day. As my weeks come closer to DC, I will be upping further my dosages of my neuro meds a bit as well, but it is safest to do it in small increments. This is as of when I took this picture  7/7/13.


 From left to right:


 My “just before I go to work”  morning pills. They are my aspirin regimen, gabapentin, lamictal, and adivan. The big white pill and longer yellow pill are both gabapentin, just different dosages. The needle and vial that you see is my B12 shot, I only take that twice a week.




My big stash is also morning, that I take with food : fish oil, l-carnitine, magnesium glycinate,  CoQ12, yeast formula, deplin (15,000 mg folic acid), NAC, alpha lipoid acid, and a mineral supplement. The little spoon is trimethyl glycine, a powder derived from beets to help aid in the methylation process for my motherfucker deficiency (MTHFR 677). The 7 pills on the bottom are what I alternate with the deplin, (only 7,000 mg folic acid) so every other day I take the 7 pills instead of my bright orange pill.




Afternoon : adivan and gabapentin




Dinner: My liquid vitamin D, it’s just easier for me to remember to take it with dinner, as I am suppose to take it with food, especially calcium.




Evening: Diltiazem, which is my beta blocker, more magnesium glycinate, probiotics and saccharomyces for my tummy issues, gabapentin, and lamictal.




Bedtime: 2 klonopins




And of course, I couldn’t be perfect and get it all right, and I’m not setting them all out again as I found out the hard way my table is crooked as hell and that my cat likes to bat the pills around.  I also add burbur drops to my water. This helps with detoxification.


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