July Part 3 – Benefit!

Back in June, the bar manager at our favorite local wing place, yep, the one I like to have seizures at, Jo Green’s, approached me and asked if it would be okay to do a benefit in my name to help with the overwhelming costs of traveling to DC and for my medical treatments. I just about cried, as it is probably one of the nicest things that anyone has ever wanted to do for me. Of course I said yes! It is an absolute honor to be able to have people want to come together and help me out and make this easier on myself and family.

This not only would help tremendously, it gave me something to look forward to. There isn’t a whole lot of things that make me happy or I look forward to, other than maybe my painful therapeutic massages so I can go a few days without walking like I took a dump in my pants. Within the past month I haven’t done a ton of lobbying other than sharing my flier on my Facebook wall, but so many people have come together to create this event and make it a success: making tickets and fliers, posting them throughout my town, businesses donating items for a silent auction, helping sell tickets, and even a few personal donations.

It was a success. 🙂 My benefit raised a total of $4,679! I was floored when I heard how much was donated at the end of the benefit. What an amazing turn out, and a lot of people came to support me. I had a good time and saw a lot of friends that I have missed terribly, as I really don’t have a huge social life anymore. There was a good band, good food, and I was amazed at the amount of items donated for silent auction and raffle.

I did well for the most part too. I had to grab onto things or and sit quite frequently, but that really wasn’t a huge deal. My friend was smart enough to not have me announce raffle ticket numbers into the microphone, just let me pick the numbers. AHHH* eighty two!* clap* possible finger snap* haha. It was the longest I have been out in awhile, and soon after 8:00 hit, I was definitely ready to go home. Little Kimmie had a big day!

Dave started to get worried as I started turning a lovely shade of green and was starting to get all parkinsonsy. He said “yup, time to go! not going back to the hospital this week!” and put a chair in the elevator for me to sit and held my hand and made sure I got into the car okay. Once I got home and got to lay down for a few minutes, I felt a lot better. As I am writing this tonight, the night of the benefit, I think its safe to say it’s definitely a one klonopin night, I think I will be able to sleep jusssst fine 🙂

I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this, whether it was coming and showing your support, donated an item, or helped organize the event. As you can tell, I try not to use names of people on here, but thank you so, so much, you know who you are. ❤ I can only hope to one day be better, which I will be one day, and be able to pay it forward.

One thought on “July Part 3 – Benefit!

  1. Kimmie, you are a wonderful BRAVE sole. I have been blessed knowing you. And your husband is one man that many others need to use as a role model. God bless the both of you. Continue the fight. Wolfecity rocks!

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