5 thoughts on “Shots shots shots shots shots, everybody!

  1. Kim, I just watched your b-12 video n I was wondering, can u physically feel the Difference as the days pass by after you take your shot as it’s wearing off?Do you feel tired or do any other symptoms get worse at all?after you take it,do you start to feel little bit better in any way?sorry.. I do understand a little about what B12 does for your body I just wasn’t sure if that was something you take as a “maintenance drug” or something you take because it actually DOES make you feel better??
    I hope it makes you feel better of Course,and I hope that they can “level you out” as far as your side effects😊 so I guess for lack of better words, is there any kind of actual “cure” for Lyme disease, or is it just something that you’ll have for the rest of your life that you&Dr.s will try to keep under control as far as symptoms?im Not trying to be nosy,My mom was diagnosed a little over a year ago with lyme and she complains of her body hurting, rashes on her feet, RIDICULOUS bruising and just being exhausted all the time..but she also has a lot of issues with her back(Disc dysplasia, degenerative disc disease &chronic pain disorder) soooo, its Hard to try to figure out the difference in symptoms between the two as far as the pain and exhaustion. the medication they had her on for the lyme Made her sick as a dog n now shes Been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Which in my opinion after reading about it a little has similar symptoms to Lyme?!? She’s off the medication and they retested her not that long ago and said that the Lyme was GONE?!?I didn’t know that It could just go away?? What’s your take on it, Do you think she should get a second opinion and some more labs done Just to be safe??(Of course I told her she should cuz shes my Mumma n I want her healthy) lol
    Hope I didn’t go too far with asking you so many questions lol I just figured if I told her that I have a friend that struggles daily
    The way you do&maybe share some of your input and videos with her that she’ll take it seriously?!? Thx Kim xoxo. D says HELLO KIMMIEEEEE lol

    • Hey! Sorry it took awhile to read your post, I have a hard time focusing and reading big paragraphs now but I will try to answer all your questions!

      I honestly don’t notice a difference but it supposidly will make my immune system work better. I don’t think it wears off as it is a higher dosage.

      With Lyme in its chronic form, it is more trying to get rid of your symptoms and make your immune system happy and be able to maintain it. As far as I know, there is no evidence that says that with treatment, they can completely irradicate every single Lyme bacteria, therefor it doesn’t actually go away.

      It sounds like your Mom needs to see a good Dr. I completely recommend Dr. S. I will private message you his name and number. He is amazing and will listen to everything she says and go from there.

      Please share my entry “the beginning” with her, as it sounds like she has a lot of things that I was misdiagnosed with in the first place.

      Hope I got everything answered! xoxo

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