July Part 4 – Sleepy with a Side of Chest Pains

I know this is kind of out of order, but I really wanted to include my benefit info the evening I had it. But anyways, Once I got home from the hospital, I was so tired, and went to lay on the couch and just try to relax and dozed off for an hour or so. I took a cool shower and washed my hair once I felt a little bit stronger as I must have sweat a few buckets when my seizure event took place. I decided to not take any medication at all that night, I was scared to, as I still don’t know why it happened in the first place. Other than I was an attention seeking, drug addict/alcoholic. Rolls eyes.

 It took longer than I anticipated to fall asleep, as I lay there on the couch (it was warm in the house so I wanted to be closer to the A.C.) I had a terrible headache and my chest hurt. The headache I could understand, my brain probably just fried and rattled around a bit, but I couldn’t figure out if the chest pain was from being so pissed off at the hospital, or my usual chest pain that I have had in the past. 

 All I know is, once I fell asleep, I was out for about 14 hours straight. Lucky for me, Dave called my folks to let them know what had happened and told him I could either take the day off, or come in when I was ready. I was already way behind at work and other than waking up exhausted, having a slight remainder of my headache, and my usual lymie symptoms, I felt well enough to come into work for a few hours and well enough to drive myself.

As you can tell from most of my other posts , I have almost always continued to drive and done the most I can to keep my independence regardless as to how I felt. I am a tough it out kind of girl anyways. 

 Even with it being a holiday week, I was surprised to hear back so quickly from Dr. S and DC. Dr. S. e-mailed me and said I needed to contact the clinic to see if I needed to change my medications, and the clinic called me shortly after that and asked exactly what happened, luckily I could give them a shortened version of Dave’s notes and asked what I was doing for my pill regimen. Everything was up to speed for the time being, except the adivan. They told me I really needed to try to up it to morning and afternoon, especially since I had seemed to level out from my original issues. Alrighty then…. and they of course told me to call if I had any more issues and to plan on seeing them at the end of the month as it sounded like I definately needed to get on treatment again. And that time seems to be coming FAST.


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