A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I don’t think my aspirin regimen is working a whole lot. As you can see, I am either having some circulation issues or am turning into a Smurf. 

I have decided to start taking pictures of everything because there’s been quite a few “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ?” things that have just randomly appeared on my body since treatment. Probably wiser to take pictures as seeing is believing.  I have had some tiny red streaks (almost looked like veiny stretch marks) on my stomach and after a day, they were gone. No photos. This happened a few times toward the beginning of my treatment.  The only time that I did have something weird going on that Dr. S. DID see, was when my feet started splitting apart at the end of and in between my toes. Pretty sure this was a herxheimer rash. He saw it when it had started to heal after a few days, but at least I didn’t sound like I was full of shit since he saw it that time. 

 These weird bumps on my feet go away within a few days, and have no idea what it is. It doesn’t itch, but is just weird. It looks poison ivy -ish, but like I said it doesn’t itch and goes away on it’s own and I have had this happen quite a few times, even in the winter. If you have Lyme and are reading this, or don’t have Lyme and know what this is,  any thoughts?! Let’s play a game… name the rash! P.S. I am fully aware I need a pedicure and the bottom of my feet are gross. 

This is the “slight ptosis” of my right eye that the DC clinic was talking about. So attractive 🙂


This is a tinea versicolor rash. It is essentially a yeast infection of the skin. Diet is so important having Lyme, and gluten free and low sugar (yeast loves sugar) are really important. Since 2007 or 2008, I have had this issue and it essentially cleared up for a long time after washing with head and shoulders and a good old foot fungus cream (How does my husband still find me attractive?). This is what happened, even a few days after having 2 beers while playing poker with friends. By the way, my two beers were delicious and worth it, I just had a price to pay. 




One thought on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

  1. I have Lyme and that weird foot rash as well. If someone else could join the “lets name that rash!” game…that would be great. I too have started to document my weird herx reactions and have a photo dedicated to them on my phone. ahhh the life of a Lymie.

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