July Part 7 – A Little Good News :)

My new beta blocker, Diltiazem is seeming to be working out way better than my last beta blocker. No problems in the nausea department! yay! I was told that this one I should be able to take whenever I would like, other than the same time as my aspirin regimen, as it wouldn’t make me sleepy but I figured I would take it with my evening pills to be safe. I am glad I made that choice, and Dave also wanted to make sure he was there as he likes to every time I start a new medication, but it made me completely exhausted. 

 So night time only. Not a big deal at all. In fact, taking this new beta blocker has made me drop my dosage of klonopin as I can fall asleep much easier. I do feel like I  had a few too many margaritas and have the spins a bit once I hit the hay on this medication, but even taking the smaller dosage of klonopin I am falling asleep so much faster on it. Having more sleep makes anyone feel better if they are not well, right?  I just wish I could go to bed a little earlier! I am also seeming to be able to wake up a little earlier too. Getting out of bed right away is another story, but definitely a huge improvement! 

I am surprised, maybe I am saying this too soon, but we will see. Since I had the seizure episode, my tics haven’t been nearly as bad. They have by no means disappeared  completeley, but I have noticed most of my mornings haven’t been as bad at least. I don’t know if I am just not having as bad of a week or not, but I will take it! I am wondering if something got “moved around” in my brain or a “fuze blew” or if that is even remotely possible. Maybe it is the upping of the neuro meds, although I have been on this same dosage of ativan before with no changes.  But I will take the good and hold onto it as long as I can! It can’t ALL be bad 😉


2 thoughts on “July Part 7 – A Little Good News :)

  1. Exactly what are the neuro meds? Ativan ? N ??? I have neuro Lyme also n can’t seem to remember what I have read in your blog 15 times over!!!! I do want to say “THANK YOU” for your blog n your incredible spirit about all this. You have gotten me thru some pretty intense moments n feelings n episodes!! You have made me cry and laugh so hard I practically pee myself (which I seriously need! The laughing Not the peeing part!!!). I was just diagnosed two months ago after five years of “well you know”. Many many doctors opinions n complete lncompetence!! Anyway. Just wanted to say Thanks. Xo. Your Lyme friend in So. Ca.! Maybe when we both get thru this you can take a vaca to Laguna beach where I am!! Would love to have a cocktail n some laughs!!! Deb

    • I am taking Ativan, Gabapentin, Lamictal, and Klonopin at nighttime. I was on Abilify as well but was having a lot of side effects. I am so glad you enjoy my story and it is helping you out. I have been to Cali once and loved it, would love to return!

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