July Part 8 – Make a Wish

Ok well Make a Wish isn’t the right or politically correct term, and I sound like an asshole, because I am obviously not a sick dying kid, but it isn’t a bucket list as it is just things I wanted to do before I go back to DC. So “Make a Wish List” is more fitting. I just didn’t come up the term first. I didn’t really have a ton to put on the list, since I can’t really do a ton, but some of the things that I have wanted to do, Dave has made sure I got them done before I started treatment. Trust me, I am pretty low maintenance. 


My first: The biggest thing that I wanted to do before I go back on antibiotic treatment and get a new line in was to go to the ocean. You can’t go in the sun with antibiotics as you burn like crazy and you can’t swim or get your line wet. I have always loved Wells Beach in Maine, as it is where I use to go as a kid when my Dad would allow himself to take a long weekend from work. Every year that is where we went, even if it was just for a day or two. So that is where Dave took me.  It was the best day for me to go, we got there super early in the morning so there was close parking so I was able to walk there, was hot but not scorching hot, and there was hardly any waves so I could easily go in the water without Dave thinking I was going to drown ( I am not a very strong swimmer to begin with). 


My second: I wanted to go to Billy’s Chowder House and get a bowl of their chowder, the best as it’s more of a soup with a ton of whole clams 🙂  See… Dave is lucky, as we hit it up on the way home from the ocean, we killed kill two birds with one stone 😉


My last, I won’t be able to do til Saturday, is have a beer. and I will. And it will be delicious. Because for the next 7-8 months at least, definitely no drinking, at all. Not that I have been being a raging partier being off antibiotics, but I can’t even have my fruity pineapple cocktail anymore. Once I upped my ativan and gabapentin in the afternoon, I haven’t had a drink since just because I know ativan is not well mixed with alcohol. 


That’s my list. See? Low maintenance chick right here. My very last was me trying to play cupid: I tried pulling my “Make a Wish” card on trying to make a relationship between two friends that are practically dating become “official” (they consider it not official until it’s Facebook official)  because they look so cute and happy together, but it hasn’t worked… yet. THey are probably rolling their eyes at me reading this, but it’s my “make a wish” damnit ! But I have the feeling I will get my wish sooner or later 😉  


I have already preplanned things I want to do when I get better. WHEN I GET BETTER, because I will. These would be my bucket list: Finally be able to go on our trip to Hawaii, cage dive with the sharks in Hawaii, go on a cruise because I have never been, parasail, skydive ( I am still not sure about this one as I would probably be the one with a broken parachute and I am terrified of heights but am leaning toward yes), go on a kayaking trip, go to Europe. It’s things like this that keep me going, lots of big plans in this girls future! 🙂


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