July Part 10 – Weebles Wobble


Remember this old toy?

My husband, Dave, use to sing the “weeble’s wobble” song to me as I would come staggering through the door after a long, late night of cocktails, singing karaoke and dancing, but I have had no problem doing the crab walk all on my own the past few days.

My equilibrium has been completely off. I have been literally bumping into everything, misjudging doorways, not completely making it out of the tub and tripping, but at least I haven’t actually fallen yet. I think the worst was the other day walking out my door, I hit the side of it where the metal part is and ripped the side of my shirt. I guess I haven’t gotten use to my sea legs just yet.. even though I’m on dry land. I guess it is just a good match with me alternating walking like I dookied myself, as my knees and thunda thighs have been yelling at me lately too.

Other than my drunky walk, I haven’t been too bad symptom wise. I guess I should still reiterate when I say not too bad, I still feel like poop, but I have been WAY worse for sure. My tics have still kind of been at a dull roar, haven’t gone away but it seems like I can go for a few hours without having any tics at all. Since it has been a couple of weeks, I have upped my neuro meds twice, so maybe that’s why they still haven’t been as bad. Maybe it is still a result of my “fake seizure for attention” that multiple people saw but Nurse Dooshbag and now I know another Dr. Dipshit didn’t do a thing for me (maybe another blog in the future because yes, there’s more !? 🙂 ). I have noticed I have lost most of the finger snapping and am now incorporating my thriller dance a lot more. Which doesn’t bother me nearly as bad because unless you are looking at me, you would never know I was doing anything out of the ordinary, unless I am making the “Ahh” yelling noise I do.

I have begun to have headaches again, which I haven’t really had a full on headache in a long time. The past week has been super hot and humid, so that probably could be a contributing factor, even though I am always making sure I am drinking a lot of water, even though I don’t spend a lot of time in the sun.   I have noticed I am a lot a little more sensitive to light now, maybe also a contributing factor to the headaches, and having a harder time focusing and seeing especially with florescent lights. At work, the guys are nice enough to unscrew the lightbulb on my side of the office so there is still light on the other side. 😀

I have been still waking up early, which is a good thing, but am definately still not having enough sleep. I just can’t fall asleep even though I would love to fall asleep at 9 every night, but it’s just not happening, even with drug assistance. So my eyes have been quite raccoon-like these days. Too bad no concealer in this world can hide what I have going on under my eyes 🙂

And once again… the rage. I think Dave has been trying to see how far he can push me sometimes, or just to get a laugh. Maybe next time I will take his dinner away again and see if he changes his mind. LOL

The other day, Dave thought it would be hilarious when I wasn’t looking to tighten up a peanut jar as tight as it would go, knowing I was definately going to grab it to grab a few for a snack. Well, he was right, and I thought either I had lost all strength I had left in me or Dave did something to be a dink. And it was Dave being a dink. So of course I pitched a fit like a two year old and threw the jar at him and said I didn’t want any… hoping he would open the jar, and he did. He probably just didn’t want to hear my bitching anymore, but whatever works.

As of tonight, I was playing Temple Run on my iPad, by the way since I got the iPad in December, I have had a TON of couch time and pretty sure I would wreck and destroy you and your best score at Temple Run, and Dave thought it would be an awesome idea to poke me. And poke me. And poke me. On my shoulder, on my side.  Fucking up my game. I may have accidentally on purpose hit him in the face. Once again, not mad. You would think he would learn by now, but as they say, men NEVER learn 😉

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