The History of and Conspiracy of Lyme Disease

Although, Lyme was officially “discovered” in the early 1980’s by Willy Borgdorfer (borellia burgorferi = lyme bacteria, named after him) among other scientists, across the world seemed to have already begun the process of discovering the disease. Why did it take so long for a real discovery? And why is research not being done about this disease? I will explain further my theory about why there could be such denial about the disease, especially in its chronic form.
Some known dates about the origin of or study of this disease include:


-This russet potato chip, whom scientists named “Oetzi” (after the Oetzal Alps in Austria) the Iceman, had the oldest known case of Lyme disease.  He was discovered about 20 years ago and his body is estimated to be roughly 5,300 years old. It’s amazing what scientists can do for research, by the way. As not only did he test positive for Lyme, science indicates that he was about 45 years old, likely died of an arrow wound to his shoulder, lactose intolerant, predisposed to cardiovascular disease, and likely had brown eyes and blood type O.

And they can’t figure out diseases such as cancer, MS, Lyme, or AIDS? Unreal. Or they DO know… I’m a conspiracist and so I say they do know, but aren’t telling 😉 hashtag $$$ hashtag dontalwaystrusteverythingthegovernmenttellsyou….

– In 1764, there might have been the first real documented study of Lyme written by Reverend Dr. John Walker. He wrote about a list of symptoms of the disease, including excruciating joint pain and recognized the ticks themselves and described them as worms with a body and feet on each side and that they penetrated the skin after a visit to Deer Island in Scotland. Many people during this time immigrated to the United States, so maybe that is how the disease was spread to the U.S. , through immigration? Possibly. No way of knowing for sure.

– In 1909, a Swedish dermatologist, Arvid Afzelius, presented a study of a ring-like lesion on an older woman following the bite of a sheep tick.

– Neurological problems in tick bites were beginning to be acknowledged in Europe in the 1920’s and psychiatric problems in the 1930’s.

–  A Swedish researcher, Carl Lennhoff, in 1948  believed these tick ring-like lesions (bulls eye rash) were caused by spirochetes, a corkscrew shaped bacteria (guess what he was right!) and by the 1950’s it was recognized throughout Europe to use penicillin for the treatment of these rashes.

– The first documented case of Lyme Disease (well… the rash not the actual disease itself) was printed in Scientific Journal in 1950. A Doctor in Wisconsin in 1970 remembered this article and treated with penicillin, to get rid of the rash.

Now we get to more current years of the diseases discovery. In 1975, an unknown disease broke out in Lyme, CT, which gave the disease it’s name. Before this time, there was finally a recognition of tick borne disease, but only in Europe, and with different names which can all be traced back to the same: Lyme disease. During this year, unusual arthritis cases and  debilitating illness were starting to be reported throughout the town. 51 children from this town were diagnosed with pediatric arthritis in this year alone. It was a mystery, everything was being tested; the water, the air, trying to find a cause. They noticed that there was a more cases in the summer months and then began to study the deer ticks in the area. They were also discovering that some of the people that were getting sick had the same bulls-eye rash.

There was also another break out of Lyme disease, that you don’t hear about often. In Westchester County, New York, 210 cases were reported between 1982 and 1983 alone.

So why would I consider any sort of conspiracy theory on this disease? There is plenty of history to share with you, readers, obviously. I do, however, think the government knows a lot more than they are telling.  A lot of people full heartily believe the government created Lyme disease, and all the other information that I have shared with you is all lies. Do I think that the government created this disease? NO, I do not. But I DO there just might be a giant cover up and that is why the government is not wanting to accept it in its chronic form. They are covering their asses. And the reason why I strongly believe this is a small island, just 10 miles off the coast of CT, literally just miles from Lyme CT, called Plum Island.

Do you remember ever hearing about Plum Island? Here is a little reminder for you… I remember seeing it on the news, do you?


This cute critter washed up shore up to Montauk, NY, known as the “Montauk Monster” in 2008, which is also not a long journey from the Plum Island. There was a lot of controversy if the little guy, or gal, washed up shore from the island. A bunch of debate, researchers saying the creature was immensely altered by the ocean water, or a diseased dog or raccoon. That damn thing has a beak. Let’s be real. I’m calling BULLSHIT on this one.


And here is another cute critter, dubbed the “Manhattan Monster”. Washed ashore in 2012. It was released to the public that this creature was a cooked pig…. with fingers?


Also calling BULLSHIT. A mutant sewer rat would have been more plausible.  Why are all these freaky unknown creatures being washed to shore very close to the island? A little too coincidental in my mind.

Where does this fit in with Lyme disease? This tiny island that is used by the U.S. government to study animal -borne diseases at one point was rumored to once be their center of top -secret biowarfare research. Although a few of the buildings were created as early as 1911, the real research began in the 1950’s and still continues today. There has been members that have done research on the island that have admitted to extensive tick research in the 60’s to the 80’s. A Dr. Hess, who worked on the island, even deemed the area in which ticks were being researched unsafe.  A Dr. Garth Nicolson, who also worked on the island has said that Mycoplasma was also possibly let loose from the island. Lyme disease is often cross contaminated with Mycoplasma (I tested positive for Mycoplasma pneumoniae, could be 100% non related ).

The island has taken precautions  to avoid spreading future disease but is ironically considered it a bird safe haven. A number of the birds have reportedly flown from mainland to the island. Who’s not to say a few of the little bastards hitched a ride on one of the birds that they protected there? Who’s not to say that a tick took a ride with one of the researchers?

Those two are certainly possibilities, and although it may be a stretch, which I don’t think it is since Plum Island is known for their biowarfare research, what if the researchers released these disease infected ticks into the small town of Lyme, CT, for research. To see what this disease could really do to man.  I would not be a bit surprised if the government did this, to learn from it and use it for future biological warfare. Lyme is an extremely complex disease, with an array of symptoms, and perhaps the researchers did not expect the disease to spread like wildfire. It just doesn’t make sense that the disease would emerge the way it did, as quickly as it did, in this small town just 10 miles away.

There is a book, that I have not read yet, called “Lab 257” that discusses what went on pertaining to tick disease on the island, and I will read it once I can. I have a  hard time reading big paragraphs, if you can’t tell a lot of the time by my writing style of breaking up my paragraphs with several spaces to help me have an easier time reading. But if you are looking for a new read, read it and let me know how it is and if you learned anything interesting 🙂

That is why, although I don’t believe the disease was man made (although some strains could be) and there is quite a history, there is definitely reason to believe there is much more to this disease than what is being told.

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9 thoughts on “The History of and Conspiracy of Lyme Disease

  1. “Manhattan Monster” looks like a opossum or a raccoon .Has a tail and paws like a opossum… G.M.O. Ticks or G.M.O. syphilis . ?? The USA tried to give cotton rats a disease in W.W.2.. They made a atom bomb . giving a tick super syphilis to make the enemy to sick to fight is bio warfare .

    • I disagree about the “Manhattan Monster”. That thing straight has people fingers, Bob! Like with nails. LOL Especially after A) saying it was a dog, and B) the other weird creature, I think it is a coverup. But that’s just me.

      Yes I did read a bit about the bio warfare in World War 2. Thank you for the info. Maybe this needs some further revisiting 🙂 I never have included much info on WW2 on my blogs.

      • I just want people who live from pay check to pay check to know there are other options.I see so many who can’t afford a doctor or the meds involved . I am one of them. I own the dream , no bug we ever take that away .

  2. Lyme disease was used as a bio-weapon in World War II in Germany.

    German Nazi scientists were brought to the USA to help create bio-weapons.

    Maybe Lyme disease was originally produced by nature. I believe the current strains of the lovely Lyme combos of Lyme and a mixture of co-infections that many of us are sick with were produced in a lab.

    • There is no doubt in my mind that a modified strain of syphilis or Borrelia burgdorferi could be made very easy. I am not saying Lyme disease never existed . Allow ticks fleas chiggers, and lice, flies, Bats etc to feed on infected mammals Rats mice humans etc. I never had a S.T.D. eww , But Lyme Disease and syphilis are both “spirochetes.” (often termed , “biological threat agents”, or “bio-agents”) U.S.A. Germany , Japan , and many more study “biological threat agents”, or “bio-agents”) Lets change this subject to cures and co infections . I only try to use no more then 3 antibiotics at one time. ( not counting treatments for Thrush and Yeast infections ( (Itraconazole Capsules and or fluconazole (Diflucan) others Lamisil (Terbinafine)or Ketoconazole last 2 very hard on your liver ((( Please note …Metronidazole (Flagyl) or tinidazole Tindamax [oral] metronidazole seems to work just as good as Tindamax being very $$$.Metronidazole, clindamycin, and tinidazole are antibiotics that destroy some of the bacteria that cause symptoms of bacterial vaginosis ,Metroconazole can also be used to treat Giardia infection. Effective treatments include metronidazole, tinidazole, and nitazoxanide. Raw pure Manuka Honey in small amounts may help some with morning Nausea , I use it sparingly with a cheaper raw honey. Most all these medications can be bought online for treating birds and fish pharm grade . I am not wasting my money on a silly test that 2 out of 3 could be negative or positive .Bird doxy & Fish doxy state ” not for Human use…. HERBS ” No where have I read that herbs or oils have cured Syphillis ” Lyme being much harder to kill ..”( Herx ) Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction Broad spectrum antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria . Be careful to little is better then to much .

      • I have covered the others as well on my blogs, Robert 🙂

        We all are different and protocols might work for some and not others. I am making more progress than I did in nearly a year, so I am confident my plan is headed in the right direction.

        I am doing a lot, but doing it in pulse therapy, and have good faith in my doctor.

  3. I do not trust the government, nor do I trust the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons and the big Pharma companies. It is pretty clear from what we are all going through that they are all in bed together, and probably with the insurance industry, too.

  4. I have been reading Lab 257 – little bits at a time – and I am with you – while not man-made, its most likely man “modified”.

    And yeah, we both know they won’t admit its chronic…blah blah….to cover their asses

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