July Part 13 – An Animal’s Sixth Sense

It is ironic because I never pegged Dave to really like dogs, I brought our last dog home as a puppy without even telling Dave. He pulled into the driveway coming home from work while I was on the nearby grass, with puppy on leash, and Dave said to me, “what the fuck did you do?” Then went inside the house. LOL Well, he fell in love and when Doey got put to sleep two years ago, from complications of Lyme disease, he couldn’t be there when it happened, and he now has his footprint tattooed on his calf. He became a dog person.

Since then, we got ourselves a new dog, Chance, about 3 months after Doey was put to sleep. Dave now wants another dog. There is a puppy that was just brought to our local shelter that looks exactly like our dog, Chance, only a female. It makes me sad because I know he really wants her, but I can’t handle myself, or one dog, let alone two. Once Dave saw the picture of this puppy, he was convinced that it was meant to be, and said he would do everything, but I think he forgets I am the one who dealt with the puppy stage, letting him out every 4 hours and training him. After that stage, the pup and I use to go for daily walks and took him swimming as we are very close to the lake.

I also feel horrible because I use to do all these things with him, and then one day everything just stopped. Now the most I do is tie him up outside, sit with me in the sun, or have him lay with me while I am still in bed. When I started having my tics back in October, he was so afraid of me (he doesn’t like yelling of any kind) he would run into his crate shaking. Now, it doesn’t even phase him a bit. He won’t even look in my direction. At least Dave still gets to spoil him; taking him on his weekend trips to Dunkin Donuts to get him his donut (yes, spoiled brat gets a whole one), takes him wherever he goes in the truck, and plays with him every day.

I feel like animals always know like something is wrong. They ALWAYS know. My dog is a Great Dane/Lab mix, so he is by no means a little guy. He gets so excited when he sees everyone, wanting to greet them , full body wags, and jumping up on people, and the same week I started doxycycline in September he stopped doing this entirely to me. He use to be awful on a leash with me, tugging and pulling, and now it is almost like an invisible leash. No pulling whatsoever. He is so good with me.

When I was really sick back in the winter, he would just lay next to me, with his head just resting on my leg. He could have been saying, “Mom, get the fuck up off the couch, I wanna play!”, but I am pretty sure he was just checking up on me 🙂


Once I get better, goal 824: Get Chance a friend.

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