Rife Machine

There has been a lot of people with much success make their Lyme symptoms go away with a machine called a rife machine. When I had my benefit, I met a woman from out of state who was also really sick and symptomatic with Lyme disease, and she told me that she used a rife machine with much success to ease her symptoms and to kill the bastards. She mailed it to be and told me I could borrow it and see how it goes. Super nice of her to take trust in me and want to help, as these machines are generally pretty expensive and I am a complete stranger. Kindness in others can be amazing.


What is a rife machine you may ask? It is a machine that works by using electromagnetic vibration energy to try to kill bad organisms. The technology has been around since the 1930’s but not as strong as it was back in the day. The one’s in the 30’s probably shocked the ever living shit out of you.

There has also been a lot of controversy as to if a rife machine is beneficial. The book I got, had several illnesses, symptoms, and diseases and different timing and frequencies to run it at.  this machine is not considered an “approved” form of treatment by the FDA and definitely an alternative method of treatment. There are people that claim that it cured their cancer or other diseases, such as Lyme.

The other side of the spectrum, feel that this machine is an absolute useless form of treatment for any medical condition. Some Doctors were fined and jailed for felony health fraud. There was case in 1996 with the marketers of the rife machines, for claiming that this machine would cure numerous diseases and for targeting the most vulnerable, sick people with hopes for a cure. They were even sentenced to 12 years in prison for a role in murder (for not treating patients appropriately) as well as a small sentence for illegally selling these machines to the public.

Well, I decided to give it a whirl.


It was interesting. Dave helped me set up the paddle boards, I guess you would call them. You had to lightly dampen the the 2 clothes that cover the paddle boards, reminding me of the Green Mile “the sponge is dry, the sponge is dry!” Well… I was a little worried about frying myself, but who knows, maybe fire kills the little Lyme spirochetes. He set it at the frequency we believed was the right one, as the books were pretty confusing, 24 minutes in 3 minute intervals. Every 3 minutes the intensity seemed to go up a tiny bit. By the 15th minute, you can feel it tingling on you, but no more than one of those belts that you would use for weight loss. I forget what the heck they are called.

I am not going to be using it long term enough ( I will see if I can borrow the machine longer or see what Dr. J. thinks about it)  but here is my experience with the Rife so far. After the first day, I was WAY more exhausted then usual and my knees and arms were screaming at me. I stuttered a lot and had a slightly worse than usual general unwell feeling. Just being Lymie or herxing, I am not really sure.

The second day I have done it, and have noticed I was still exhausted, and trying to run into the bank and do a deposit, I had to go sit on their couch awhile as I started to feel pretty light headed. My body was still pretty sore and I felt pretty loopy throughout the day too.  I am using the machine, one last time before I head down to DC but like I said maybe I will use it again in he future.  Once again…. herxing or just plain Lymie? Not sure. But I do know this machine has worked for some!

Sources: http://www.royalrifemachine.com, wikipedia.com, rifemachine.com, mdjunction, cancertutor.com

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