July Part 14 – The Last Suppa

Well, in less than 12 hours I will be headed to the big hospital down here in DC to get my chest port put in. I am still a little nervous but more knowing about how much the antibiotics can make you herx (get worse before better) . The actual IVs themselves don’t make me nervous, as I had the PICC in for 5 months, but figuring out how to shower and whatnot will be a process as you can’t get the dressings wet. I will take everything as it comes, I guess. No use in making a self fulfilled prophecy before I head into this. I’m tough anyways 😉

At least I have great friends, one, who will help me with hair washing duties and another with a jetted tub, so hopefully I can keep up with myself for the next several months.

Tonight, I had my last big meal before I go in tomorrow. There is an awesome New Orleans restaurant near my hotel, so I stuffed my face with seafood creole.


Now doesn’t that look friggin delicious? Well, it was! Be jealous 🙂

Plans for the rest of the night = relax, and wash my hair, and a hot, hot shower as it might be the last time for a lonnnnnng time. Wish me luck! I’m going to try to make Dave take pictures of everything for my next post 🙂

2 thoughts on “July Part 14 – The Last Suppa

  1. Good luck! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am really sick and waiting to see a specialist in lyme desease in Vermont in November. With my symptoms, I am pretty sour it is lyme. Reading your post makes me less alone in this. I will probably have to go through a similiar process, so I look forward to follow you. Good luck for tomorow.

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