The Big DC Trip Part 1- Powerline Insertion

Take a look at these folks. These may seem like ordinary socks to you, but they are really THOUSAND DOLLAR socks. Chest port insertion free with the purchase of one pair of thousand dollar socks. Or the socks are free. Either way, I had to pay my insurance deductible before I even got my bracelet on to be admitted, so you better believe they were going in my purse and I wasn’t giving them back. 



We got to the hospital fairly early. Not before I took another super hot long shower as I knew I was going to miss that a lot.  I am glad we did because it was pretty chaotic in there, being a Monday morning I am assuming. Once admitted, I got asked the usuals such as my medications, they took my vitals, and then poked and prodded me several times, one, for the IV they were going to use for sedation, and the other for a basic blood draw. Finally got a draw out of my hands and in the middle of my right forearm was able to get a needle in for the IVs. 



The actual procedure was pretty easy. Apparantly, not everyone actually falls asleep, as it is a pretty light sedation, and I was one of those people. I was pretty fuzzy, but could hear the Doctor talking to possibly a surgical intern and telling him how he does the procedure. They did use an anesthetic, so it wasn’t painful, but I had to lay and keep my head to the left, and I am not sure exactly how it was done, since I wasn’t facing the same way and they put a little barrier in between to avoid contamination, but I think they cut me open a little bit below my collarbone to get the line thru, then the line is on the right side of my chest. 



After 40 minutes and some X-rays, voila! All finished! It took awhile to be discharged, but it was really busy in there. And here I am waiting to see someone about being discharged…. with a likely 25$ mini can of ginger ale 😉 Next stop, lunch and the clinic!


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