July Part 13 – My First at Home Powerline Infusion

My first time using the IV’s seemed to go well. A few hiccups along the way, but nothing to get all nervous about. I had some issues figuring out the tubing because I wanted to make sure I prepped the line to get the air out and make sure I got all the bubbles out. I also had to be sure that IV the drips weren’t coming out too fast. The easiest way for me to count the drips for the IV is by counting one Mississippi, two Mississippi, just to be sure it is at the right pace. With the PICC line, there was no tubing when I was on Rocephin, I had to mix my solution and hold a 60 ml syringe and push over a 30 minute period. All simple stuff that will become second nature once I’ve done it a few times. 


Here’s my pole, all ready to go 😉


 All hooked up! Haha gotta love that damn “slight ptosis” of my right eye. 


I did end up grabbing the phone, forgetting that my IV bag and line needed to be higher than me, and blood came down my line. At least I knew what was happening, and when I was done, I got the pole moved up so now I can be more mobile if need be without this happening again.

And lastly…Chancey didn’t forget my IV’s… he was there waiting for a squirt of saline.


And my bitch devil cat, who likes to chase the stream of saline. 


Such simple creatures 🙂 P.S. sorry for all the photos. You can tell I was a little bored doing my drips this morning.

I was started to get pretty worried as I went to my local hospital to try to get an order for weekly dressing changes for my line.  It needs to be done every week, and I noticed last night there was a little more than I am use to blood around my line. I had a complete panic attack since I couldn’t just go to the hospital and get it changed and a friend stayed on the phone with me until I could calm down enough to go to sleep. 


Unfortunately, they won’t do them because my DC Doc isn’t affiliated with the hospital. The day surgery department already was trying to get the ball rolling my calling my neurologist, who is affiliated with the hospital. I got a big fat negative on that one. I wasn’t overly surprised since he wanted my PICC out back in April as he said that I was still really sick, but he no longer wanted to be a part of my treatment. It’s hard to get someone to agree with long term antibiotic treatment. They are going to ask around to Doctors I have seen in the hospital and see if they will sign off on the dressing changes. Really keeping my fingers crossed as my favorite nurse works there and she knows my clinical history, knows what she is doing and is a genuinely good person. I had fun going and talking to her in the past while I got my dressings changes.


As a backup I tried to contact some traveling nurses/hospice type services and once again a roadblock.  Even with an order for the changes from DC, they want a primary from my own state. They won’t take Dr. S. as a primary, because he is not an MD. Boo. So basically same situation as my local hospital. And I don’t have the time to try to find an MD that is willing to sign the paperwork for dressing changes. Once again, Boo.

 So, in the meantime, I have decided to be a rugged, tough chick and do my own changes until I get this figured out. I have seen it done on my arm every week for nearly five months and it’s the same concept, so how hard can it be? Plus, one of my favorites has a lot of experience with dressing changes and she is more than willing to help me out. Deep breath: I can tackle anything and everything. 🙂 🙂 🙂 


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