Lyme Disease Vaccination


A lot of people have said to me, “Why is there no Lyme vaccinations for humans, and there is for dogs?” I give my dog his yearly Lyme disease vaccination, and thought to myself, why isn’t there one?!!! Well… I did a little research. 😉 


There WAS a Lyme disease vaccination. It was made by a company called SmithKline Beecham in 1998. The name of the vaccination was called LYMERix. This vaccination worked by using an outer surface protein from the Lyme bacteria. 


After testing 10,000  people in clinical trial, there was a 76% effectiveness in adults and 100% rate of effectiveness in children. There seemed to not be a ton of adverse side effects and the vaccine was approved by the FDA and was put on the market. From 1998 to July of 2000, there were 905 claims  of adverse side effects of the vaccine, some being autoimmune, arthritic,  and 66 were life – threatening. Another issue that they found was that the vaccination was not found effective long-term and more than one shot had to be administered to have any effectiveness. There was a lot of fear about the side effects, a loss of interest and sales so eventually it was pulled off the market.


As far as I know, there are some bands on the Western Blot that they do not use because of the Lyme vaccination and might come up positive. It shouldn’t matter if you have never had the vaccination? Not really sure about why that is…


There are several types of vaccinations that are in the works at the moment, with different types of surface proteins as well as ones with dead spirochetes, and some with types of antibodies to kill the bacteria. They are still working on it, as some are shown to be 80% effective, which isn’t a desired amount of effectiveness. Maybe once day, they will be able to come up with a vaccination with less side effects, the government and Doctors will acknowledge Lyme as a debilitating disease, and the vaccine will be on the list of vaccines that everyone gets during their lifetime or administered like a flu shot. One can only hope!


Til’ then folks, take precautions when going outside, bug spray, light colored clothing, and don’t forget to check for those little bastards!


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