August Part 2 – Rubba Dub Dub, Kimmie’s in the Tub

Ok, so, tubby talk. When I was on the rocephin IVs, I became completely hypothermic in the water that Dave would check before I got in, and he couldn’t believe how I could react that way as the water was scorching hot. I would turn completely blue and my temperature would often go down to the 95’s. This and only really having one arm to work with was why I had him help me, until I said screw it and just did my “dixie cup baths” for the remainder of my time I had my PICC line. 


This time, I haven’t tried to shower yet, as I am afraid of getting the line or bandage wet, as they said the first few days I really need to be careful and not have it get wet to avoid infection. I have been using cling wrap, which seems to work great! I haven’t had any temperature issues and it is way, way easier in my mind than dealing with having a PICC in the terms of hygiene. My main issue is getting in and out of the tub. LOL I’ve fell on my ass a few times trying to lay in the tub, and getting up is pretty hard. I kind of have to get on my knees, hold the side of the tub and try to push myself up.


My next battle will be to wash my own hair. One of my best friends is willing to help me do it, but I feel like she has helped me so much in so many ways and has been such a great supportive friend to me and I don’t really have any way to return the favor at the moment even though I know she doesn’t mind, but in the meantime I want to try to tackle this on my own as long as possible. So my first step… snip snip snip… getting rid of my long hair. I feel like this will help me possibly be able to easily wash my hair in the sink, and it won’t get as oily so fast. Bad hair day, just put a clip in it. Much more style to it and I feel a bit more polished even if the rest is a little disheveled. 





Kinda miss it, but way more easy to try to deal with, plus the length it was at, hung right over my dressing and where my line is, and I feel like that isn’t a good thing to keep my power line clean. Who knows, maybe next time I will go even shorter! Buh Bye long hair! Hashtag MissPractical 😉 😉


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