August Part 3 – Sugar, ahhh Honey Honey

There is a pretty strict protocol that I have to follow regarding diet for Lyme. The main one’s being no gluten and keeping sugar levels low. Lyme loves sugar. Antibiotics also cause yeast overgrowth and yeast feeds off sugar.  Yeast suppresses your immune system. It’s a cycle that gives plenty of reason to watch what I eat and drink.

Once I started the IV’s again, my back and chest have begun to flare up with my tinea versicolor (yeast) rash. I stopped by Dr. S’s office to pick up some yeast formula, but it has been so bad I don’t feel like the supplement is helping whatsoever. The rash is pretty gross on my back, chest and neck. Luckily, all I can hide. Time to bust out the foot fungus cream! (And Dave still hasn’t left me for being disgusting… he must REALLY love me)

If you have yeast overgrowth in your body, you also CRAVE sugar. Lately, I have been horrible with my diet. I am either not hungry whatsoever, or starving, but only crave the bad stuff. I am a Hungry Hungry Hippo. I just can’t help myself! LOL

Coffee has become my best friend since my IV’s, since they zonk me out, but I have been adding quite a bit of extra sugar to them, and I really shouldn’t have that iced coffee on my way home from work after having a 20 ounce cup just a few hours earlier as I am very part-time now. There is always food at work ( I work for my Dad, so he will share and make sure I get all the healthy nutritious foods I can 🙂 ), but instead of eating the healthy things that he keeps for me like gluten free crackers, fresh grilled fish or chicken and veggies, I have been snacking on extra large marshmallows. I have sent Dave out to get me a frozen yogurt frappe in the pouring rain this past week and have eaten all the goodies in his ice cream. I also have been secretly stealing his cosmic brownies that he takes to work… and hiding the evidence of the wrappers.


These are cosmic brownies if you are unfamiliar.  Eff you Little Debbie for making such yummy non-nutritional treats.

I am an unstoppable force. But I need to be stopped. After not eating gluten for A LONG time, no probiotic or glutamine powder in this world is gonna help my tummy. I think it is giving me a big “fuck you” for making bad decisions. But, even after all that pigging out, I am pretty sure I am starting to lose weight again. I have also noticed the lymph nodes in my neck are rather unhappy with me. My right side is always worse, it almost feels like a large marble is sticking out of my neck.

For all of you Lymie’s reading this… if you cheat and eat gluten, important to know… it can stay in your system for 2 weeks! Avoid sugar. So, time to eat better. I am working so hard to get well, so I need to whip my mind into shape and stop eating crap! Mind over matter… or deliciousness. Today, I am re-adhering to my strict protocol 🙂

3 thoughts on “August Part 3 – Sugar, ahhh Honey Honey

  1. I am so glad you confess so often LOL I broke open the apple butter needed a sugar fix I could not stand it. Mine is more nervous eating. Have that appointment Thursday 2 weeks hugh oh boy.

  2. Hmm…that may be why I have been so bad since Easter….Was trying to figure out if it was a cycle, a herx, doing to much or the entire bag of Almond Joys, Mounds and Jordan Almonds I ate. I have been worse all week, and in excruciating pain in my neck, ribs, spine. Ugh. I have been trying to keep my sugars down, or non existant prior to easter. The floodgates opened.

    I was diagnosed with celiac disease 2 yrs ago, so I have actually been off gluten for a while, I was thought to be extremely sensitive to trace contaminations. It was however, the Lyme that went undiagnosed for over a decade. At least I didn’t have to deal with the lyme diagnosis and giving up gluten at the same time. I guess I can be thankful for that?

    I struggle with the possibility of losing my coffee (which I drink black) and even though I haven’t had a glass of wine or a tequila w/ a slice of lime(good god) since being diagnosed 2 months ago, I miss the flexability and the freedom of it. I want to ask if it is ok every once in a while to have just one. But I think I know the answer…I have over the past 3 yrs noticed that it does not really agree with me, and I had cut back significantly. I could have one, but two would make me sick and give me the hangover from hell.

    I have to tell you, I have been enjoying your blog. It is very easy to read and very helpful to me. I have been fighting for my life for so long. I have been passed from dr. to dr for years, and they all thought I was nuts. I was dying and I could feel it. Now that my LLD has diagnosed me and saved me, I don’t have to fight THAT fight, just a new one. I thought knowing and being on treatment would be better, and I should be happy for that and small amount of progress I have made. But it has become so overwhelming for me, and everything I have kept at bay b/c I was too busy fighting and researching what was going on with me, has kind of crashed down on me.

    I have been house bound/ couch bound for the majority of the past 4 yrs. Since Jan I have been back in the wheel chair and bed/couch bound once again. I have always wanted to start a blog, I originally wanted to do it for celiacs. I have always found writing very healing and helpful. However, I can only concentrate on the computer for a short period at a time. So…maybe not yet. So I will just enjoy yours. Thanks!

    • I sneak one every once in awhile. But always when I am not on antibiotics. I get sloshed too if I have more than one drink. I use to be a champ! haha

      I am so sorry you are having a rough time. Healing vibes your way.

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