August Part 4 – Start of Combo Therapy – Intro to Septra DS

The beginning of this week was the beginning of my combination therapy. I will be doing my IV’s morning and night, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but this week, I am adding an oral medication, Septra DS to the mix. 


It took me a bit to figure out the antibiotic schedule paper as Dr. J kind of has messy handwriting (or my brain fog) and had to contact the DC clinic. Fortunately, the clinic is great at quickly responding to any questions you have so I got my answer I will be doing my normal IV routine, morning and night, and adding Septra DS as well during the same days as my IV’s. 


Septra DS, also known as Bactrim, is a combination of sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim. It is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections and drug resistant bacteria. Of course, I looked up the main side effects : nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. 


Fortunately, I got all sorts of anti nausea goodies from DC, including Marinol, the pot pill. I kinda wish he just had some pot haha. Would have felt like I was back to my party days and would have been a bit more fun; not like I am a sick Lyme patient with a power line in my chest. Oh well. No back porch smoke parties for me. 


But, with my previous issues I’ve had, I have the feeling since nausea seems to happen no matter what pill, pepto, etc, is given to me, they aren’t going to help a whole lot.  Well, on the plus side, I have a really good chance of losing the 24 pounds I gained since my last time on IV treatment. Vomit Vomit. Poop Poopedy Poop Poop Poop. I haven’t even had any issues from both ends and have already lost 5 pounds since going to DC.


The first day I took Septra DS, I am glad to report that I didn’t have any nausea issues.  Yayyy! That was the first thing that I was worried about. I didn’t even have to take any of my anti nausea meds! My hands were a bit shakier than usual, and my tics a little worse I have also noticed my right foot to be on the numb side, almost like it’s asleep, but I honestly didn’t notice a huge, dramatic change in symptoms. I did notice, my tummy hurt pretty bad during my night time dose, but I made sure I took my probiotics and glutamine as they help your stomach lining. Sometimes with my new medication, within the same day I have major herx reactions. I think this treatment protocol will be so good for me since it’s on a day, off a day. It gives your body a break so maybe I won’t get all the nausea and serious reactions that I have felt in the past. 



The day after I took the Septra DS, the break from it, I was expecting to feel a little worse, and fortunately, I was still doing alright! My tummy pains subsided by the time I woke up. I had the tiredness, that I usually feel doing my IV drips and achy and sore, but nothing new. I was expecting there to be some sudden change to be honest with you. When I went in for my therapeutic and lymph massage this week, most everything was about the same as usual with the exception she said my calves were way tighter than they normally are. When she started working my backs of them, my nose started to pour. Definitely could have been a lymph or detox issue. I also noticed I have been extremely thirsty. I have to constantly drink water. My mouth feels like it is super dry. Water is good to flush your system of toxins, so I don’t really mind this one.


Yesterday’s video was the second day I added the Septra DS. Having the one day break started to pay it’s toll a little bit. I am beyond exhausted, yet I can’t go to bed at a decent time. I have to watch a movie or something to be able to get to the point that I can go to bed. The second day of Septra DS, even before I took it, my very loud alarm kept ringing and ringing yet I was unable to wake up and it was pretty hard to get out of bed. The same with this morning. The day off seems to bring on more exhaustion than the day of the medications. The stiff feeling in my legs in the morning has returned with a vengeance. But now it is all day.  I can’t stand sitting, I have to keep moving my legs or put them up and stretch them to get any relief. No biggie though. I can deal with some pain. I will take pain over nausea any day. 


Hopefully, in the weeks to come, I will be able to continue to report some more good news, or that I still haven’t had dramatic changes in how I am doing. Luckily, it hasn’t been nearly as bad as what I expected. I never quite know what is going to happen, so stay tuned 🙂

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