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I told you all I would share with you a follow up post about what happened in relation to my ER visit,  “Hi Ho Hi Ho, Off to the ER I Go”, dated July 11th about what happened after I wrote my letter. So… here is how it went! I know it’s been awhile, but I have bugs eating my brain, so cut me some slack. 😉


To find my post from July 11th, “Hi Ho Hi Ho, Off to the ER I Go, go to archives on the homepage of my blog, click July, then go to the 11th and check it out. What happened to me is pretty ridiculous and I bet you all,  Lymies, or people who know exactly where I am talking about but no names 🙂 🙂 have had an experience like mine!  


If you don’t want to read it, long story short, I had what appeared to be a grand mal seizure, and to the event. Instead of finding out the cause, or what was really going on as I have had many seizures but never one like this, I was judged by dumb nurse. She treated like a drug addict and assumed I was intoxicated because it was the 4th (shouldn’t assume) . 


She only took my temperature and blood pressure, never took in account myself having a seizure disorder from Lyme, and said my ticker was fine as I “didn’t have any heart issues that day”, didn’t do tests that were ordered (EKG), and the only test that was going to be run before any other tests was a blood alcohol and possibly electrolyte test. She said the cause of this was “likely a psychological thing going on with me, for attention”.


Needless to say I gave them a big “fuck you” and signed out against Dr’s orders. The Doctor seemed to not be able to stand the nurse, so he slipped my husband a piece of paper with her name on it. You better believe I decided to write a letter. I am highly doubting he thought I would put up a huge stink and take a stand as there is no way he would have given us her name…as you are about to read and find out why.


 A good read though, I promise, I am sure MANY of you can relate. Your blood will boil. 


I was surprised, and received a letter fairly quickly from a Quality Coordinator from the hospital, saying that they would speak with the lady’s supervisor. This was great and I felt at least acknowledged, even though I didn’t really expect them to act upon it but maybe she would change her attitude for patients if they at least said something.  


During my next visit with Dr. S, he said he got the notes about the ER visit. I told him what had happened and he offered to give me a copy of the notes. Once I read them, I thought to myself, what the fudge??! The notes were missing vital bits of information I gave them such as my seizure history, my heart issues, and half my medications. The reason I was there in the first place was inaccurate, and the Doctor was clearly trying to cover his ass as he said he wanted to order a bunch of tests. There might have been truth to that but they weren’t willing right then and there, they wanted to wait until AFTER my blood alcohol results, which would have come back clear. He also said in the notes he couldn’t get an answer out of me as to what happened with the nurse, which was also a lie because Dave and a friend were in the room and could vouch I told him exactly why I wanted to be discharged, what she did and what she said to me.  


I was livid after reading this, so I decided to call the Quality Coordinator from the hospital and let her know the notes weren’t remotely what happened during my visit there. I was told to call if there was any other information regarding what had happened.  I was polite and held back my Lyme rage and gave her my contact information and told her to get back to me. Over 3 weeks later I have not heard a response at all. Hmmm. They must just have generic “I’m sorry we fucked up” letters they send to everyone that files a complaint, they just fill in the name of the Doctor, nurse, or whomever and date it. So I went above and wrote a letter to the state’s Department of Health and Human Services.


I forwarded the letter that I wrote to the hospital, and told them how the vital information was inaccurate and how something serious could have happened because they weren’t willing to do any tests and how the EKG was suppose to be done, but wasn’t. I got a response the next day, “The Bureau of Health Facilities ensures that hospitals maintain compliance with federal regulations. Unfortunately staff behavior is not a federal offense. We have forwarded the web mail to the Department of Safety. This is the department that licenses paramedics.” Oy. I sent this the day I called the hospital, and still, no further response. 


Ok, so I was wrong. This was a paramedic. Not a nurse. So why was she making all my medical decisions and why was I not in a nurses care in the hospital? I understand being a doosh bag isn’t a federal violation but refusing to treat a patient that just had a seizure and lying about paperwork I assume would be….


Well… last part of the story, which I LOVE the most… my Doctor that evening, that obviously thought I wasn’t going to really put up a good stink about what happened, then tried to cover his ass was FIRED two weeks later. Apparantly, he likes to write prescription drugs for himself. He even made the local news channel. I met a celebrity!  🙂 🙂 🙂 He was fired from another local hospital for the same thing in 2008. Sounds like a winner right there….Karma!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 


So needless to say, my 600$ ER bill that they refused to help me in any way and only took my blood pressure and temperature, I will be trying to argue my way out of. I don’t think insurance is going to pay it, because I signed out against medical advice. It’s not that I wanted to, I just got angry at the way I was treated and I wasn’t willing to wait an hour or so to prove I wasn’t lying about my blood alcohol content that Dave, a couple friends, or even the bartender at the restaurant could easily tell them I definitely was by no means intoxicated… oh wait, they did, with exemption of the bartender because it wasn’t needed, even though I guess it was if they didn’t believe me. I wasn’t getting treated so why stay? Hopefully, I can at least get the bill lowered as I understand I was technically taking up a room. Hey. I am not the drug addict here, like I was treated. The Doctor was. I don’t think I should pay a bill in full if I was treated by a doctor that was likely under the influence of drugs. Would you?


On a GREAT note, not everyone from the hospital is moronic or drug addicts. There is a ton of people that are amazing on staff. Just a few really bad eggs. I got a call from the hospital’s day surgery unit, and they got a Doctor to sign off on my dressing changes.  🙂 🙂 🙂 Yayyyy! Such a HUGE relief. Like I said, just a few really bad eggs. But I seem to run into them an awful lot. Most that work there love their jobs, genuinely care about their patients, and they work hard to help their patients in any way they can. 


The doctor that signed off, Dr. B., has been great with me in the past. He helped with my surgery from my car accident 10 years ago and I had my follow up after surgery with him. He also immediately responded when I called the ER to see what to do when I had the internal infection from my gallbladder surgery and was willing to see me quickly as an outpatient and got me right in without having to wait at all. I am so appreciative that he was willing to do this for me.


 I was so excited to hear the news because I get to see my favorite nurse when I am there, as she has been the primary one to help with my weekly changes in the past.  She is a wonderful lady. I honestly can’t say enough good things about her. I am willing to bet she was a big part in making my dressing changes happen. She greeted me with a big hug and it felt great to see her and catch up as other than a quick run in at medical imaging, I have not seen her since April. 


I still ordered my own dressing changes from the DC clinic, as backups, as I do have a tendency to be a messy marvin or if I get it wet when I am trying to take a bath. It is nice though, to be able to see a great nurse that knows what she is doing, as she can take a good look at my line and make sure there is nothing to worry about. One less thing on my mind. 🙂


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