August Part 6 – Lactated Ringers

 If you have ever had to stay at the hospital, then you have probably had a lactated ringer IV during your stay. It is commonly used to help with fluid replacement from an injury or illness. They look like a bag of water, but contain things your body needs such as calcium, potassium, lactate, sodium, and chloride. Having Lyme disease, lactated ringers are useful to help with the detox process that is so important. You have to filter out all the bad stuff in your system for treatment to work properly. Plus, my bloodwork keeps showing I am dehydrated (I have no idea why, I drink a TON of water), which makes it a win/win. 


I got my shipment over a week ago from my local pharmacy, I just had to wait for extra tubing to come in the mail to attach to the bags in order to be able to do them. I was told by the DC clinic to do the lactated ringers on my off days of antibiotics, but they take a long time and you need to allot yourself a few hours, so they said 1 to 3 bags a week was fine. So, I had an off day and extra time so decided to get myself all hooked up!


Holy shit, that’s a big bag! That’s all going to fit in me? I don’t ever remember having these bags during my 2 past hospital stays, but I know I had them. Once I saw the bag, I kind of envisioned myself like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory getting bigger and bigger like a blueberry then needing to be brought to the “juicing room”. 


I didn’t feel anything different while doing this IV. I was sleepy, but not like my other antibiotics. I think I just got really bored since it took literally 2 1/2 hours so complete my bag. Y’all on Facebook need to quit being so boring! For that one afternoon, it seemed like everybody’s relationships were doing just fine, no gossip, no fighting, nothin’! And of course middle of the day TV is never really interesting. I suppose I could have wheeled myself around a bit, but after my first incident of answering the phone when my pole was too low and blood coming up my line, I’ve been kind of chicken shit about it. 


Once I was done my IV’s, I was pretty happy they were done, and realized I had to pee. BAD. That had to have been the longest pee in my life. Hopefully I was pissin’ away some of those little Lyme spirochetes… you never know 🙂


I didn’t notice anything different for the rest of the day, but I did however, jump on the scale before bed, which you really shouldn’t do anyways, you should always weigh yourself first thing in the morning, and everything I have lost so far I had almost gained right back. I haven’t weighed myself since, but as I am writing this now I am feeling guilty about eating the family size bag of potato chips and an entire container of french onion dip. So maybe I will just wait until tomorrow… or the day after that. 😉

6 thoughts on “August Part 6 – Lactated Ringers

  1. This is so well written! Thank you for sharing your experience with LD. Many of us are unfamiliar with the disease, and this helps us do a better job when supporting loved ones by having a better understanding. It is so great that you have a creative outlet like this. You are an intelligent, amazing, positive woman, a brightly shining star. Xoxo -Nicole

    • Thank you Nicole! I am glad you enjoy it! Most of my posts, well from September thru June, were prewritten months in advance. Now, I try to write a few a day when I am okay and when I am feeling crappy I still have something to share haha. I couldn’t agree more. I do feel better doing my blogs. It is nice to be able to get it all out. And people are learning along the way 🙂

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