August Part 8 – Piggy Piggy Piggyyyy in My Sleep :)

Lately, due to my “sleepy IV’s”, meropenum, I feel like I could sleep for days. For some reason I have never been able to take naps. This has changed since I have been on this new IV antibiotic. I cannot wait to go home and lay on the couch, put on the tv guide and take a nap. Yes, I am a weirdo and find the music soothing…. or when I’m awake I can’t seem to remember what channel I wanted to watch so I have the tendency to have this channel on for hours and hours… it’s my favorite! 🙂 I have basic cable too so it’s not like there is a show I can put on in the corner while deciding.  Hashtag crazylady

I have been able to function alright the past few days, walking better and able to do more around the house. My tics calmed down, which is awesome, but I can’t believe how tired I am. Dave and I go to a restaurant every Thursday as I have mentioned in the past,  for the 4-5 special on wings ( I am happy I have been able to make it the past few months as I have had to stay home an awful lot over the winter months) but I  had to have Dave cash out early the past two weeks as I instantly have had an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion.

If I stayed any longer and fought it I would probably either pass out or have a limbic seizure. Which would surely put me to sleep for about 14 hours, yet waking up completely unrested. As soon as I got home this past time, I passed right out. Dave showed me a quick videotape of me as he said that it was very different than my usual sleep. Why he deleted it, I don’t know. I would have shared it with you all 🙂

I was not quite snoring, but making the weirdest almost breathing issue noises. Almost like a pig snorting. Snorting out my mouth? Like I said, very weird.  This was not normal snoring. And I have NEVER been a snorer to begin with.. well, unless I have a cold and my nose is stuffed, which it wasn’t.

What gives? Who knows. There is always something new, I guess I like to keep everything interesting. I have noticed, however, my profuse sweating has returned during my sleep. I am literally soaked when I wake up. Almost like I just had a massive workout in my sleep. Which makes me feel gross because it’s bathtime only now. A little extra deodorant never hurt anyone I suppose! 🙂 And a few extra sprays of body mist…

Also, My temperature has been fluctuating like crazy. One minute I am dying from the heat and the next I am in a sweatshirt because I am freezing.

I am thinking Babesia has reared it’s ugly head, and I know next month Dr. J will be incorporating a Babesia IV into my treatment protocol. I couldn’t have asked for better timing.

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