August Part 9 – Fresh Off the Press and End of Month Treatment

My mailed notes from DC came in today. Funny, since I will be going there next week but as the third time getting notes about the previous appointment I know I enjoy reading them for sure. Sometimes you don’t really know what a Doctor thinks until you see their notes about the appointment. This appointment was with Dr. J. My first visit visit and following month phone conference were with his PA, Dr. K. I thought I was going to be seeing Dr. K again, but from what I saw with my appointment confirmation they are keeping me with Dr. J., the head honcho (daahhh dahhh dahhhh, insert dramatic scary music here). Maybe he really likes me as I am charming and cute as a button 🙂 Or maybe it’s because I am a train wreck. Either or. Haha. 


In the notes, it was stuff we had discussed, like the grand mal seizure last month, well I don’t know for sure what it was but appeared to be from what I have been told, my new heart medication, and my medication schedule for the month. There was also a kind reminder of my weight change since my last visit…. it was among other notes but I could have went without that bit of info again. 


Lastly, the good stuff… I kind of feel like I am reading a gossip magazine about myself 😉 . They think my tics have improved because of my increase of neuro meds, not from the seizure but will continue to monitor. I now know one part of my next treatment protocol will be IV clindamycin. I will have to look this one up as I don’t know a whole lot about it. My  general notes about myself were, ” Kim is very pleasant and in good cheer, but looks a bit fatigued and is a bit slow in her responses. She does have several outbursts or Tourette’s like episodes, lasting just a second, in which her whole body jerks and she says something inappropriate.”  


So I wasn’t as charming or cute as a button as I thought. I looked a little haggard and seemed like I was all kinds of simple too. Way to make a good impression! I once again got a laugh at the notes last part, “says something inappropriate”. I know what was meant, the “Ahh” yelling noise I make, but it just seemed funny to read it, envisioning myself really saying something inappropriate, like Warren from “There’s Something About Mary” yelling “Franks and Beans! Franks and Beans!” Now that would have been inappropriate! hahaha


So, this marks the near end of my first month of treatment. I have a few days break before I go back, but all in all it hasn’t been as bad as what I thought it was going to be. The IVs are a breeze to do compared to when I had my PICC line.  I am a little scared since I am going to be starting yet a third antibiotic, Tindamax on Thursday and Friday. This is a substitute for Flagyl as I tolerated it so poorly in the past, but I am a little worried it might be a loooonnnnng two days. At least I have a lot of anti nausea meds to help combat some issues that may arise. We shall see! It’s only two days, it’s only two days….


On a final note, my right eye ptosis is acting up again. I either need to change my makeup routine so it doesn’t look like I have a droopy eye anymore or duck tape the sucker back in place 😉


 Have a great day everyone! 🙂

4 thoughts on “August Part 9 – Fresh Off the Press and End of Month Treatment

  1. OMG, KIM!!!! I stumbled upon your blog in the dead of the night and have been cracking up for hours. You should take it on the road, girl. You are some kinda funny! The Vagina Monologue ain’t got nothin’ on you!! I just keep shaking my head…wondering where in the world your brain takes you on any given second. Looking forward to your blogs.

      • I take the Patch Adams approach to lyme. I even bought myself a supply of slip-on red sponge clown noses like Patch used to wear in the pediatric units. When things get rough I just slip on a nose and laugh at myself. I have one in the car, my office, etc.

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