Natural Lyme Treatments

There are many natural Lyme disease treatments that have either worked for some, or are a great thing to incorporate into your other regimen. Dr S, my naturopath, uses the approach of integrating antibiotics with many natural supplements to fight Lyme and target other issues with your body to make your body fight the disease. My DC doc also recommends some naturals as well.


Some people can get well just by using natural treatments. That is great! I wish that I could have just taken that route and gotten well. It would be much easier on the system and less detoxing would be needed, and less stomach issues! If you have tried this approach and it is working, stick with it! Much easier on your body.


 Some use an integrated way of getting better, like myself, and some people use naturals once they are in a remission state. I hope to one day get to the point that I can just use natural supplements and treatments for maintenance and never have to turn to antibiotics again. 


Natural treatments to try: 


Samento/Cat’s Claw is a common natural choice for the treatment of Lyme and I believe Bartonella as well (not 100% positive, but pretty sure). Not only does samento have antibiotic properties, it is also an anti-inflammatory and immuno- modulator. Dave was actually given this by Dr. S, as he has a lot of Lyme symptoms but we can’t afford to get him tested nor can we have 2 hot messes unable to care for ourselves and no income coming in. He tried this supplement and seemed to have a strong herx reaction from it. His joints were killing him more than “just a hard days work” and he had hot and cold sweats several nights in a row. Chicken shit Dave, he stopped taking it, but from his reaction to the supplement, I think it is safe to say he has Lyme too 😦


 – Grapefruit seed extract is suppose to attack the cyst form of Lyme. I have a friend who has seen a lot of improvements using this natural supplement. Check with your Doctor first taking this, as grapefruit sometimes has interactions with certain medications, such as heart meds.


 – Vitamin C and Salt – The two together can work together as an antibiotic agent against Lyme.  With this protocol, you take high doses of a good vitamin C and Himalayan Salt ,or unprocessed natural salt.  You slowly amp up your dosage and follow other things in the protocol like drink a lot of water, which you should be doing anyways 😉  I don’t really know a ton about the protocol, as I do not personally know of anyone that has tried it, but found a link that has a book about the protocol.


 – Serrapeptase attacks the biofilm form of Lyme. It is also known for its ability to reduce inflammation and helps with yeast issues, a bonus for us that have had yeast issues from antibiotics!  Serrapeptase is actually an enzyme produced by the serria bacteria in the intestines of silkworms. Gross. It works by dissolving dead or damaged tissues. From what I have read, it works better in conjunction with another treatment. I have been on this one, but unfortunately I can not tell you good, bad, or indifferent from personal experience due to issues with other medicals I took along with it.  Another similar choice is Nattokinase.


 – A-L complex is an herbal formula is a great one stop formula.  It helps activate your immune response and has microbial defense properties. This herbal formula fights viral, parasitic, and fungal infections. It is great with supporting adrenal function, break up lymph circulatory congestion and reduces inflammation. I have tried this one, and was told to start out very slow and work my way up in dosage, finally reaching 15 drops a day. I was warned to not underestimate A-L complex and that it could definitely cause herxing, but had zero issues while taking it. This is a Byron White Formula and there are several different ones to offer such as A-Bart as well. Here is the website for more info and I believe you can order right on there!


Cryptolepsis is a great choice for Babesia as well as Lyme. I have used this tincture before. Disclaimer. It tastes fucking horrible. Seriously, the worst thing I have tasted in my life. But, maybe it will help you.  Check out to order the product.  


 – Artemisinin is a good choice for Babesia infections. It has anti-malarial properties by helping your body fight parasites. I just started taking this one so I will let you know if I notice any changes 🙂


Allicin makes you pretty darn stinky. I took this during my winter months of treatment. It is a very potent garlic extract that bass anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It acts as an anti-spirochete agent and is beneficial in treating central nervous system complications. Can make you extremely nauseous too. If you can tolerate being a little stinky and your stomach can tolerate it, worth a shot!


 – Colloidal silver is a powerful and natural antiviral, anti fungal, and antibiotic. Antibiotics can destroy beneficial enzymes and this supplement does not and is safe for humans, animals, plants, pretty much any living life! This substance also has many other medicinal properties such as relieving sore throats, deodorant, and helps clear skin conditions and rashes.  


Two protocols that are interesting reads :


The Cowden Protocol :


Zhang Protocol: A great add of supplements to help with the immune system or fight Lyme and co-infections.


Along with these natural treatments, there are several natural supplements to help ease some of the symptoms. Good choices are turmeric, for inflammation, puerian, for brain function, probiotics, for gut issues, white willow bark or Gaba for pain (Gaba also helps with relaxation!), 


Some non supplemental natural choices to try include : 


Rife machine – Check out my July 28th post that shares more information about the rife machine, what it does, and my personal experience trying it if you haven’t yet 🙂


Hyperbaric oxygen chamber – Lyme hates oxygen. This is why trying a hyperbaric oxygen chamber might be a good choice to try. This therapy involves breathing pure oxygen and is also used to treat decompression sickness, a complication of scuba diving. It works by raising the air pressure three times higher than regular air pressure, allowing more oxygen to be brought into your lungs. Your blood then carries this oxygen throughout your body and kills those little buggers  This is a reason why smoking on a Lyme treatment is not the wisest choice. You are depriving your body of oxygen. Just another reason to quit!


Fever/Heat Therapy – Lyme also hates heat and loves the cold. Ever notice your symptoms tend to flare up in the winter when it is cold outside? This is why.  Check out different types of sauna therapies, such as infrared. When I say fever therapy, yes, induce a fever. This is done by a process called hydrotherapy (don’t do yourself, find a Doctor who does) and you slowly increase the temperature as the spirochetes don’t seem to survive in temperatures over 103. For an at home without a doctor, use a hot tub, and throw in some detoxifying agents as well. What a nice way to relax. 🙂


Of course, these are just suggestions and options to try. Consult with a LLMD, preferably a naturopath and discuss some of these treatment options with them. They might even be able to take your a tincture with several natural ingredients and create your own personalized treatment plan! 🙂


***If you have any other suggestions for others to try, feel free to comment! 


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