August Part 11 – The Last Hurrah of Month One

My last two days before my “break”, I added Tindamax to the mix.  The first day that I took Tindamax, I was overwhelmingly tired. I usually feel really tired when I do my drips, but being a Thursday, it was a “flush” only day. This was pure exhaustion that hit me like a ton of bricks. I could barely keep my eyes open. But, I had a lot to do so I went to work for a bit then relaxed for the rest of the day meeting up with a few friends. One noticed my feet were completely blue, but I think that had nothing to do with the medication, just circulation issues. At least that day they matched my shirt!

Of course, Dave and I went to our 4-5 wing special. I was debating not going but really just wanted to do something and get out. As soon as I got there, I already wanted to go home. I think the elevator set things off, but since i had not felt any stomach issues, I had not taken any nausea meds. After eating, my stomach hurt and I had a horrible nauseous sick feeling. I started feeling extremely hot and felt like I was going to pass out. We usually sit and chat with a few other friends who join us, but I told Dave to give him his keys so I could sit out in his truck. He took the hint and probably didn’t want to leave me without supervision when he knew I didn’t feel good, cashed out quickly and brought me home. On the 5 minute drive home, I could barely keep my head up I was so tired.

As soon as we got home, I rested on the couch and started to drift off. My nausea and stomach pain went away but everything else in my body was yelling at me. My knees, hips and back were sore, my fingers and toes were sore, and I kept thinking I had splinters in my feet or in my fingers. I had this sensation that something was in my skin, but there was nothing there.


Second day morning …. just one IV left! *Happy couch dance*

The second day (which is today for me as I am typing this entry) was a bit easier on me, to my surprise. It was a Septra DS and meropenum IV day too. It took longer than usual to get up in the morning and I was sore, and had some knee pain, but I have learned to tolerate that for a long, long time. I don’t actually remember a day that my body wasn’t hurting in some way shape or form. I use to think that was how everyone felt, even at my age, and that it was “normal”. So, other than being extremely late for work and some pain, definitely tolerable.

I got my work all done, without any fuck ups (I’m hoping), went home, and cooked a simple dinner. I had to sit while I was trying to get our fresh from the garden green beans prepared, but not too bad other than that. I got everything situated for dinner and plunked my butt on the couch and waited for Dave to get home and check on dinner. My knees and the rest of my body were really starting to ache and I almost didn’t want to eat dinner because I just wanted to lay on the couch and make myself as comfortable as possible under a big blanket so I was warm (even though it was over 70 degrees, I was freezing).

We had plans to go visit a friend and have a campfire. It was perfect. I was glad to get out, I got to see my friends, and I got warmth! I even brought my spare IV pole and did my IV’s outside while sitting at a picnic table… away from the fire of course, as I envisioned in my head my little IV bag starting to boil, bubbling and going through my line. Yeah, probably not a good idea.

The only thing that was different than the usual, my eyes have really been bugging me. My right eye hurts. I have to slightly squint to see the keyboard. Light sensitivity. And in both eyes I feel like I see things almost like little worms going across my eyes in different colors. I know I am not explaining it right, but it is like the feeling you get when you are outside and it’s really bright out, then go inside and you see all that weird coloring almost. Who knows… maybe that’s just me LOL It’s not like a regular everyday conversation you would have with someone. It’s just little things are  “floating” across my eye. If that makes sense.

Either way, I might make my way to the eye doctor again. My yearly appointment isn’t until November, but I think I need new glasses, as maybe my contacts are bothering me, so maybe I will give them a break and see if my eyes feel better.  No point in getting glasses and having my script change. I am hoping this is just an off day and nothing has changed.

I have officially made it through month one. Feeling like a rock star, a few bumps along the way (mostly me being a crazy nutjob)  but I feel like I handled everything fairly well and was way less harsh than I anticipated. Wish me luck, as I hear the break from the antibiotics is worse than taking them with this treatment protocol. Hmmm… we will see! I’ll let you all know 🙂

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