August Part 14 – Forgetful Kimmie

I feel a little like Lucy from “50 First Dates”. Only I am more like 10 Second Tom. Ugh. I try to write notes about every little thing. Then I lose the notes. Or forget to bring them with me.

When I went to DC, I completely forgot to bring press and seal wrap (what I have found best to cover my power line to take a bath) so no bath for me. Quick wipe down. Stinky. I also forgot the date for going to DC and booked 2 appointments the following day. Talk about a long couple of days.

I have forgotten since Thursday to book my flight for next month’s trip to DC. Dave keeps bugging about it so I need to get this done. If I don’t get on it soon then the prices will go up and we can’t really afford to pay more than we need to. I think part of it though is the overwhelmingness of getting it done.

Should we stay in Boston the night before and take a shuttle and do 2 flights in one day? Should we try to make it to Boston and fly out the night before and stay in DC? If we fly out the same day as the appointment, when should I book the flights? Will we have enough time to get there and what time should we head home? *Brain explodes*

Last week it took me a couple days to remember to put the business mail in the slot, even though it was sitting on my dashboard right in plain sight. As I drove away I thought to myself, oh shit, but didn’t want to turn around. I have been a little loopy so I have a direct route to get things done and just want to get where I need to go.

I think the worst was on Friday when I headed to work. Pulled out my driveway. Drove the few minutes to my favorite convenience store to get my coffee. Shit, forgot my purse at home. Turn Around. Come home. Look at table. Oops! I also forgot my prescriptions to drop off at the pharmacy! Head back to convenience store. Stillllll no purse. Damnit! Turn around. At this point I was going to count change in my car but then I of course needed my card to pay for the prescriptions. Third time’s a charm! 😉

Dave has also been harassing me about writing a grocery list for the past several days. He is one of those people who HAS to have a grocery list when he goes and buys what is on the list, and that’s pretty much it. He won’t go until I come up with a list. Why he can’t write one I’m not really sure LOL After forgetting for the past several days, I finally remembered yesterday while looking in cupboards for a snack and they were pretty darn empty. Our freezer was pretty slim pickins as well, not that I would have remembered to pull anything out anyways. I am positive if I didn’t write a list we would have eventually starved to death. But I should get some brownie points because I finally remembered 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yesterday, I felt like a cruddy friend. one of my best friend’s son turned 10 and he had a birthday party on the beach. I did have to work, but I completely got the time all wrong, even though I once again had the invitation right in plain view in my car. So needless to say I missed it.

I also completely forgot about my other friend’s going away party in the later afternoon, as she is moving away. I was so behind in everything, even though I spent the entire evening and night with my ass planted on the couch on Saturday, even though it wasn’t a horrible Lymie day. I just didn’t feel like doing anything. So as soon as I got home from work yesterday, I had to plant by butt on the couch, do a lactated ringer which I forgot to do the day before, which occupies roughly 2 1/2 hours of my afternoon, try to get what I could for cleaning done as my tan carpet now is black from my shedding dog, and try to situate dinner.

Remind me to buy a staple gun, so I can staple post-its to my forehead from here on out. SO they don’t get lost ya know…

On another note, today I start my 2 IV’s, meropenum and clindamycin, as well as my oral antibiotic, Septra DS. I am kinda scared! I was smart and finished up today’s work over the weekend as I know meropenum is my sleepy IV, and clindamycin is my “feel like I’m high” IV, so driving could very well be out of the question. I have a dressing change at the hospital less than 5 minutes away, but my Dad offered to bring me if there is any issues. Wish me luck!!!!!

9 thoughts on “August Part 14 – Forgetful Kimmie

    • Some of the medications are, well to a certain extent. No Lyme meds are covered but my ativan, klonopin, abilify , mepron, etc. is.

      I am keeping track of everything for a write off at the end of the year. I should be able to write off traveling expenses etc. I am sure going to try!

      So mostly no. The IV’s is what really gets you. Oy.

      I am lucky, my town held a benefit to help me out and my parents are forking out a lot of the bills. I would probably have to either sell my house or take out an equity loan and hope it would be enough to pay for it :\

      It sucks for all those that needs this type of treatment but can’t. I have talked to a few and there is just no way they could fork out that kind of money. 😦 😦 I am very lucky.

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