August Part 15 – The Start of Meropenum, Clindamycin, and Septra DS

Monday was the beginning of my second month’s protocol. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I do my regimen of my meropenum IV, followed by my clindamycin IV during the morning and at night time as well as my array of supplements and prescriptions.


I can tell you right now it could very possibly be a long month for me. Fortunately I finished up just about all of Mondays work over the weekend, so I got to sleep in a little bit before starting up the new month. The IVs seemed to go pretty quickly in the morning, since I got to do some blogging, check my e-mail, stalk people on Facebook and see what I missed since my last login, and of course check up on my Sims. LOL 


During my second IV, clindamycin, I develop a horrible taste in my mouth. When I was in DC I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It tastes like if you ate a dandelion. Maybe you have never eaten things in the yard as a kid and I’m the only one, but that’s what it tastes like. Bitter nastiness that stays in my mouth for hours after infusing. 


You would think since I JUST did a post about overdoing it, I would have not overdone it on my first day of a new month’s treatment. But I had a lot to do. I started off grabbing a coffee, going to my parents bank, dropping off some mail, then went to the pharmacy to pick up some of my prescriptions. And with my luck, they weren’t ready yet. And of course, like I said in my other recent post about being forgetful, I forgot to grab Dave and my paychecks to deposit at the bank that is right at the pharmacy. 


Worked out okay though since I had to go back there anyways. At this point of parking, walking to the pharmacy and back to my car, I started feeling pretty loopy and light headed. And so I sat in my car a bit and went back home and grabbed what I needed, then headed towards the hospital for a dressing change. On a positive note, everything looked good! So, once done the hospital I was headed back into town to finish my errands. And then go to work to check on things and catch up a bit. 


Once I got home and I got to lay down for a bit, it was beginning to bug me that my house was so messy. So of course I swept, vacuumed, and picked up the house a bit.


You healthy ones are probably like, “Yeah, so what? That’s a normal day!” For a Lymie, that is A LOT for one day. Pick one or two of those errands and that is it. A full day of excitement. Fortunately, no cooking as I made plenty of food for leftovers. 


Once I got everything done for the day, everything started to set in. My hands, knees, and thighs were killing me. But I still had to do one more infusion. Once I was all hooked up I just laid on the couch and watched lifetime movies (I’m exciting I know) and even though I began to get so tired, I couldn’t just fall asleep.


Although I was tired, Dave still went to bed before me. I tend to get a little energy burst at night time, and it was kicking in, just enough that I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep. I stayed up, watched another movie, and the pain took over and wooziness. I felt like it was time to go to bed and it took me three times to brush my teeth and wash my face. I kept getting so light headed I had to sit down for a bit.


Once I got to bed, everything felt so much worse. I felt like I had too many cocktails as I had the spins. I was a little nauseous, not unbearable though, but I had this horrible pain on both sides of my abdomen. That always scares me since I have had organ problems in the past, even though I know I just had bloodwork done last week so it was highly unlikely anything changed in a week. My body and facial muscles were twitching. My eyes were fluttering and I could see colored spots, like when you just get out of the sun and go inside. It took me forever to get comfortable but I finally fell asleep.


The day after my first IVs, I felt like I was hit my a train. Everything hurt. My eyes, my hands, wrists, back, legs, you name it. I have never really had this happen a lot, but pain was just shooting up by legs and arms. Perfect timing since Tuesdays are my massage day. Maybe Gayle could work some of it out of me. I was beyond miserable, but I had work to do. I was only slightly late, and got everything I had to get done all finished so I didn’t have to go back once I was done. 


Everything was worked today, and a lot of things really friggin hurt. I think my pain issues are definitely a detox issue. Maybe some of those little bastards are dying off! With her just working on my legs my nose was stuffed and when she got to my back my nose was pouring. She told me lots of water, get some rest and do a lactated ringer. And that I did. It is funny my pain level does go down a bit when I do a ringer. At least in my legs.  Even though I hate them since they take so damn long I know they are beneficial in more than one way. 


Nighttime, the pain came back and my fingers felt like i had splinters in them. I was wiped out, and did not have that usual 10 at night burst of energy, which doesn’t bother me, I would rather be in bed. I called it an earlier night as I was beginning to drift off on the couch. Getting ready for bed was much easier than Monday night, no feelings like I was going to pass out. I took awhile to fall asleep, tossing and turning to get comfortable, but also nothing like the night before. I slept like a rock but got up an hour earlier than my alarm. I noticed that I definitely had some drenching sweats, but adding a Babesia treatment next week, so maybe those parasites will die off some. 


And now, I am doing my second day of IV’s. Yep, I can taste the dandelion… then off to the hospital for bloodwork, Dr S’s to pick up some supplements, then work for a bit. Couch time after that. I am so unbelievably tired and my thighs are killing me. I probably took the quickest batch today. A little extra deodorant 😉 Don’t want Dr. S including “smelly” in his notes as well. Ha. Looking forward to taking tomorrow off. Turning off my phones so no one can wake me up. ZzZImagezZzZ 


Lastly, my tinea versicolor rash is back, and possibly the worst it has ever been, at least on my chest. My back has it too, but not nearly as bad as this. Oy vey. No low cut tops for me until I get this under control. Well, on a side note I don’t wear really low cut tops if that’s what your thinking LOL P.S. Anyone have any ducktape to fix my damn eye? I look like poo enough. No need for the “slight eye ptosis” to add to the list.


Not looking forward to the rest of the month.. ugh… but at least I know it’s doing something!  


4 thoughts on “August Part 15 – The Start of Meropenum, Clindamycin, and Septra DS

    • I can definately get a lot more done than I use to. I still can’t go walk around stores or drive very far, but I can still get some done now. I just gotta take it a little easier once in awhile. It would probably help more lol

  1. OMGoodness, I feel for you, Kim. Hang in there…you are so strong. If only I were younger and could go to med school to become a Doctor to be able to alleviate some of the suffering that Lyme creates. I bet all of us wishes that for each other. I hope you feel so much better after your herx…stay as optimistic and hopeful as you are and be your strongest self!

    • Thank you! I am worried about the rest of the month but you never know what’s gonna happen. I have a countdown in my head how many more IV treatments (7 more) this month. lol And 2 more antibiotics and artimisinin. Ugh. If only we could get our degree based on experience alone LOL I would be a superb PICC line nurse at least 😉

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