September Part 1 – You’re Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t

The past couple of days have been rough on me. Friday is an IV day, although I was slightly late for work (not even late enough for a where the eff are you phone call) and a little loopy, I managed to finished all my work in the office, pumped my own gas, vacuumed. I felt like a rockstar.  🙂


It was a good evening for me, even though I had to do my IVs, one of which tastes like dandelion stems and makes me have a horrible taste and smell in my nose. I was completely lucid… which is nice to be once in awhile. 


One of my good friends came to visit, and I got to do her hair, which I enjoy doing, I only wish I would take the time on myself instead of working on someone else’s hair!  My hands were not as shaky so she had her trust in me I was not going to burn her with the curling iron 😉 


By the end of the night, however, I was stuttering quite a bit and my tics became pretty bad and apparent. I don’t really care about that anymore at this point. I was able to get ready for bed in one shot, however, and slept a solid 8 hours. I wish I got more sleep, but I can’t seem to fall asleep any earlier, even with my klonopin and diazepam, which makes me sleepy as well.


You would think that the day you do the antibiotics you would feel far worse, but with the new antibiotics that Dr. J has me on, it seems like the following day off antibiotics is way worse than actually taking the antibiotics.


I woke up yesterday morning and could not believe the amount of pain I was in. My legs hurt tremendously; my thighs and calves were extremely tight and my knees were swollen. I guess on the plus side my feet were numb and blue, so I can’t say all of my legs were in pain. 


I sat for a few hours on the couch before even attempting to start my day. I just didn’t feel like doing anything. I finally got going, as I had to get to work at some point in the day (it’s a come in when you want but finish what you need to do kind of day). I took the laziest half ass bath, didn’t wash my back, hair, or do any shaving. 


I decided the best course of action was to double up on deodorant, perfume, and Shower to Shower body powder. I slapped some MAC Studio Fix makeup on my face and a little mascara. And put on a cute outfit to offset my disheveled body and hair, and hope no one thought I smelled. 


I had a lot to do in the morning, and I didn’t look forward to it at all. Okay, well not A LOT to do, but a lot for me to do that day . Especially having so many people and crazy drivers in my small town. Labor Day weekend, my town is swamped with people. It’s like the last hurrah, then it is pretty much a ghost town until after Memorial Day. 


So, I pick up heart meds at pharmacy, go to bank which is directly next to pharmacy. Even with that short walk, my legs were in so much pain, and I did everything in my power to not walk like I shit myself. Then, I had to drive to post office for work. Woah Nelly. Busy Saturday I tell ya!


I think my Babesia was acting up again, as I was so friggin hot and sweating profusely on my way to the post office and trying to get through town. My windows were down to get some air as it was almost hard to breathe as it felt like the air was hot and thick, and the AC was cranking. I could feel my armpits and chest getting all sticky and my face was dripping and beginning to look like a greasy french fry. Although the drive sucked, I couldn’t help myself from blaring, singing, and jamming out to Kelly Clarkson’s “Catch My Breath” (actually kind of fitting since I was slightly suffering from air hunger LOL). I don’t care if people hear me… I have the voice of an angel.. *seatbelt dance* 🙂 


A cop was parked next to me, and saw me get out of the car, and stared at me… crab walking and waddling in pain… he probably did think I pooped myself, or that I was intoxicated, but I saw him inside and you could see him staring at my chest power line, so he figured it out on his own that I wasn’t a drunk. It was like 10 in the morning… a little early for a margarita.  🙂


It was a lonnnng day at work. I was completely out of it. I managed to fill out a deposit slip with the checks that came in the mail, and that is really about it. I did however, get that picture of myself, browse Facebook, and check my e-mail. I kind of gave up for the day and headed home early. Ehhh, I can always finish it tomorrow, even though it is suppose to be my day off. 


Once again, a long drive home, and Dave was home from his morning adventures of playing with his mud truck and taking our dog for a long walk, and running errands. I tried telling him about my day but once again, Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba! I almost now sound like one of the aliens from that movie “Mars Attacks” it has gotten so bad. Then I proceed with a sentence that doesn’t make any sense or completely forget what I was going to say. So annoying. 


My hands were beginning to shake and sitting talking to him I had my all too familiar body rocking. Back and forth, back and forth. 


After awhile they finally calmed down, as I laid on the couch for a bit, and we got an early dinner and I did a lactated ringer. I was kind of disappointed as they generally help me a lot more, at least pain wise in my legs, but a whole lot of nothing this time. Bummer. At least it is a good way to detox so still beneficial 🙂


The rest of the night, I kept having my horrible leg pains and my feet were turning more blue. I elevated my feet and Dave tried to get the knots out of my legs in the same way my massage therapist works the rough ones out as Dave has gone there before as I treated him to a gift card for putting up with me. I wanted to punch him in the face as it hurt so bad but they did loosen up a bit. 


I watched a few movies, did some blogging and went to bed. Even taking my night time medications, it took awhile to fall asleep. Trying to find a position to be comfortable was a hard task, but once I did, I was out like a light. 🙂


I am a little nervous about tomorrow, adding Mepron to the mix! Eeek. 


9 thoughts on “September Part 1 – You’re Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t

    • It’s a small world! haha

      I hope the Mepron goes well too. I have heard that people can herx on a Babesia treatment. Too bad I have to work tomorrow!! The next week is even worse!

      Meropenum and Clindamycin IV, Septra DS, mepron, artimisin, and Tindamax … Oy!!!!

      • We are treating Babs now, with Art… Declined to do Mepron because my son vomits liquid medicine. No matter what it is, how it tastes, or what it looks like. He is herxing once a week right now, with one big herx a month. I am tracking…

      • Is he just being treated for Babs now? I was really wondering about Babs herxing. Especially since I am doing Lyme treatment too, so I am not really sure which will cause an issue…. pretty sure it will since I am already declining LOL

      • Only Babs right now. LLND said that she suspects Bart now, too, based on symptoms that are popping up now that we’re clearing out Babs. She said once 4 months of Babs treatment done, we will re-evaluate and treat the worse of the symptoms for Bart or Lyme and go there next. 7 more months of treatment minimum as after Babs, Bart, and Lyme, she wants to do treamtments for both Biofilm and cyst.

  1. I heard it takes longer than 4 months to eradicate Babesia and Bartonella. I have been treating almost 8 months and I have barely noticed any improvement. 😦 Then maybe since I have been ill for 12 + years maybe I need to to be on meds longer…. All I know is I am sick of Mepron….finishing up my 10th bottle. Eeeek!! :-/

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