September Part 2 – Adding Mepron to the Mix

I added Mepron to the mix yesterday morning. Mepron is an anti-malarial drug, that we are using as a treatment for Babesia, which is a parasitic infection, not a bacterial infection, like Lyme disease. I was really fortunate to have my new insurance cover this medication. When the pharmacist was putting it in the computer, he said that without insurance it would have cost 1,400$, and that’s not even an IV! It’s a liquid in a small white bottle. Holy moly! But my insurance approved it and I only had to pay a 40$ copay. Silver linings. 🙂


I have heard that Babesia can cause a herx reaction, much like Lyme, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Yesterday was really rough for me from the beginning, as I already felt like I had partied into the early hours of the morning as I woke up completely unrested and with a hangover, even though I hadn’t had a drop to drink. 


I did my two IV’s (meropenum and clindamycin) after my other morning routine and Septra DS, then sipped my cup of coffee that Dave got for me in town (along with new nail polish! yay! Dave = best hubby ever! ) and literally went into some form of la la land for over an hour on the couch.


I have no idea where the time went, what was on TV…nothing. And I hadn’t even started my Mepron yet… just my IV’s, Septra DS, my aspirin regimen, and seizure meds.  I finally forced myself to get up as I had to get moving and go to work. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and saw my hair REALLY needed a washing. But then looked at the clock and realized there wasn’t enough time to, and I could wash my hair when I was finished work as the sink there is way easier for me to wash my hair, I can only wash mine with the tub faucet here as the kitchen sink is way too far back at my house .


Before I got ready for my bath, I decided to take my Mepron. I completely disgusted myself as I don’t really like certain foods in the morning other than a really light breakfast, and I wasn’t remotely hungry. Dr. J recommended peanut butter as you have to eat a small FATTY meal alongside with the drug. I was gagging before I even took my medication. I looked everywhere, and no Zofran to be found… and unfortunately my other two anti nauseas are recommended for evening/nighttime due to drowsiness. Deal with it, kiddo.


I took my Mepron, it almost looks like French’s mustard, the really yellow kind, but definitely doesn’t taste like that. I can’t put my finger on what it does in fact taste like, but it has one of those nasty medicine flavors that the pharmaceutical companies “try” to make them taste better, which only makes it worse. 


Driving to work was really rough. If I feel any worse I think I am going to have to give up my keys for awhile… at least on my bad days. I have spent many times literally throwing up on myself driving home because I didn’t want to stop, so myself saying I might have to say “when”, you know it was a long 12 minutes to work. Seemed like an eternity. 


Work wasn’t much better either. I had so much to do, it was unreal, because of the holiday throwing the work schedule off. I also wanted to try to get all my work done for today , since I have a full day of appointments scheduled.  And Wednesdays are a busy office day, as we get our fish orders in (wholesale seafood), and have to enter all the invoices as well as my normal workload. Fortunately, I have one of the drivers come in and assist me on Wednesdays, as I was already anticipating myself to be late since it was another antibiotic day.


I was immediately a little grumpy toward my Dad, but to be fair, he is a hoverer. What I mean by this is he literally stands right behind you while you are trying to get your work done. Geeez, go away!  


At least I was grumpy an didn’t throw myself in a rage, but I think it was also partially because I felt downright terrible. My legs were in searing pain, my wrists felt like they were being smashed with a hammer, and my right eye area hurt. My eye felt like a combination of a headache in just the eye and I was rapidly punched in that eye. Lots of pain. 


My back was sore so I alternated between slouching in my chair to sitting properly upright, trying to find the right position so that I could be a little more comfortable. I was completely loopy and had the high feeling that was all too familiar.


Work work work. My brother, his wife, and my nephew stopped by for a visit while I was at work. I had not seen them since before Christmas time. I felt rude, but was fading fast and locked myself up in the office and got everything done. 


Close enough. Time to go home. No hair wash (my hair could probably stand up on it’s own at this point). No socialization. Hi nephew, bye nephew, I really am not a bitch. I felt like an asshole, but I knew I needed to get back home.The ride was surprisingly easier on my way home than it was on my way there. I even made a trip through the drive thru at Dunks. At least no one laughed at me this time!


Once I got home is when it hit me like a ton of bricks. Dave saw me trying to grab both coffees to bring inside along with my cell phone. Yeahhhh, not going to work. He asked how my day went, and I took my sunglasses off to show him how shitty I looked (I have to wear sunglasses most of the time outside, even if it is raining as my eyes are pretty light sensitive). 


My reply was, “Ba Bah Ba Ba AHHH shitty”. *thriller dance* And my tics were back in full force. At least Dave seems to understand and responds to me in the right way. He is amazing.


My head was pounding and my right eye got even worse, pain, vision blurred. I definitely started to have even more neuro symptoms join in as I could feel the muscles in my face twitching and my left side of my lip beginning to droop, like a half frown. Maybe it will offset my right side with my continuously drooping eye. 😉


I spent the rest of the late afternoon, evening, and night on the couch. My main focus was to ignore the pain issues, ignore the tics (I do now anyways, especially at home), but to elevate my legs as my feet were a lovely shade of blueberry. Dave helped try to get some of the knots out of my legs and we watched some movies and relaxed. He made a simple dinner and cleaned, so I wouldn’t have to have a hard day. He went on a cleaning spree that day. My house actually looks decent right now!


 And then, the classic Babesia sweats came back, which sucks really bad when you have an IV in your check because it’s not like you can just hop into the shower and get clean. It’s a lengthy tub process. I have been so lazy I use alcohol swabs sometimes. Yea, I said it. Don’t judge.


Luckily, I fell right asleep after my sleep and heart meds.  I am on the fence on how today will go, feel kinda cruddy, but of course I will give an update, so keep checking in 🙂


On another note, I have stopped taking Abilify for the past several days. My rages seemed to have calmed down quite a bit. I still get “itchies” on my extremities, but haven’t actually seen any imaginary bugs… but that isn’t an every day thing for me anyways. I seem to have the opposite reaction to a lot of things I am suppose to take. And I also finally pooped! ( It had been DAYS) 😀 TMI, yet again. 


I was literally so excited that I finally did my business that I texted Dave to tell him the news… (we are not a couple who is big on texting whatsoever) and a few minutes later got the reply “nice”. LOL 


So another side effect of the medication. Debating on skipping this one for the rest of the month and asking Dr. J. for another option to try. Ugh. Decisions, decisions. :\

2 thoughts on “September Part 2 – Adding Mepron to the Mix

  1. Did you ever hear of or use Herbastat? I have been using it in a smoothie for three days. I have the same Lyme pain as I did when first diagnosed. Is this herxing? And what are your thoughts about this herbal product? Thank you for your help.

    • No I haven’t, sorry Terri. This is a private blog, just lil’ ol me 🙂 I would recommend asking on a forum. Maybe someone else has tried and can tell you their experience with it. Good luck!

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