September Part 3 – The Morning After

No, I am not referring to the pill. I am referring to how I feel the next day AFTER my aggressive protocol. Usually my morning predicts how my day is going to go.


My day off, which I have mentioned has seemed to be worse than my actual antibiotic days was actually not as bad as what I expected.  I fortunately didn’t have to work as I finished everything I needed to get done the day before, but once again set myself up for a long day of overdoing it. Line dressing change, therapeutic massage, then hair appointment.


 I usually get my dressing change on Mondays, but with the holiday and all, they called and asked to change it to Tuesday. My massage appointment is always Tuesday afternoons, and my hair… well I didn’t mind it even though it was a long day because not only do I get my yucky hair washed,a great cut and color, my brows and whatever other fur is growing from my face waxed and it is way get to see one of my best friends and get a chance to catch up.


I got up way before my alarm, and transferred myself to the couch, and did a little bit of writing. I tied my dog out, drew my half bath (just below my belly button to avoid getting my line wet, even with my press and seal wrap I am still nervous about it. After I took my bath, I went to grab the dog and realized it was FREEZING outside. Wow, I thought to myself, it is certainly a fall day! 


I finished getting ready then decided to head into town to get a cup of coffee as I had plenty of time until I had to go for my dressing change and bloodwork. I was looking at the people on the side of the road walking their dogs, etc, and noticed they were all wearing shorts and a tank top. And here I am with shorts, but a tank top, a tee shirt and sweater on. Are these people crazy? And then I looked at my car thermometer… 76 degrees outside. Nope, I am the crazy one. LOL I guess it was a delightful break from the hot flashes. I would rather put on a sweater than be dripping with sweat, after all.


Appointment one at the hospital was good. I was a little loopy but not so bad. I got my bloodwork drawn from my line and everything looked good.  I once again stuck with the noticeable tigaderm bandaging, which sucks, but it seems to stay much better than the less obvious clear ones, especially shaving my underarms as the side starts to peel as it gets a little wet no matter what I do. Maybe this winter I will go au natural so I can wear the clear ones again 🙂 J/K… maybe….


Gross I know, but figured I would show you anyways. I showed my favorite nurse my tongue as I noticed it looked way different than when I normally brush my teeth. Thought maybe she could put some light on the subject. It was a disgusting yellow color, no matter how hard I brushed it and there is whitish spots and some of my taste buds seem red and enflamed on the very back, and bleed when I brush them. I decided today to e-mail Dr. S. and see if he could whip up a natural mouthwash or something. No idea if he can do anything, but worth a shot! 


My legs were really starting to hurt again after walking back out to my car when I was done. I know I could probably get a handicap sticker but have refused to. A little walking never hurt anyone right? I usually luck out and get parking right next to the handicap spots but every single row was full. Bummer.


My second appointment was with my massage therapist. I told her what was up this week symptom wise, the horrible leg pain and wrist pain, foot numbness. She decided the best thing to do was more of a full body, instead of a lymph. She said there was definitely some inflammation going on in my legs, which is probably why they hurt like a son of a gun. She beats me up a little, but my legs do feel better once she is all done. When the massage was finished, I could walk a little better as my muscles weren’t nearly as tight.


When I was leaving there, my friend messaged me to see if I could come in a little earlier for my hair  appointment. Perfect! I was glad to get it done as I was starting to feel a little out of it. Regardless as to how I felt, I would have still made it there, but I feel like sometimes trying to get everything done, a break can be the worst thing for me. It hits me like a ton of bricks once I stop, most of the time at least.


It was good to see her, and of course she got me all beautified. She must have been a little grossed out by my hair, which was even greasier than I started out with in the morning from the massage oils. But she still loves me 🙂 She is actually the one who calls me Kimmie Cakes, and it worked out perfectly to name my blog with that nickname. 


Unkempt Kimmie


The Miracle worker Sarah’s final product 🙂 


Of course I am going to show off my new do’.. what did you expect? It is few and far between these days that I don’t look like a dirty hobo. 


After I see her I always feel like one of those before and after projects on “What Not To Wear”, the makeover part at least. Clothes is a different story. I am 26 years old and still wear skull shorts and shirts with “Monster” from The Muppets. My nails are painted like watermelons and they were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the last time I painted them. I am a big kid at heart.


By the end of my appointment, I was starting to get my hot flashes back (there they were, I knew they hadn’t just disappeared on me that quickly!) and feel really light headed but managed to keep it all together and relaxed as soon as I got home and took another bath to get the rest of the oils of of me. 


Another friend came to visit me a few hours later, which was fine, she is one of those friends that can just sit there with me and be cool with it, I don’t feel like I have to entertain her. Dave made us dinner. What a sweet guy 🙂 Pretty delicious and gluten free too! Kind of a chicken goulash, I guess you would call it. Chicken, zucchini and summer squash from my in-laws garden, and a few other veggies with tomato sauce and slightly spicy seasoning. 


He is a good cook. He is probably not all that hurt when I can’t manage to stand long enough to cook and can’t multitask worth a hoot and would likely burn the house down. “Oh Kimmie, your having a bad day? That’s really too bad… take-out or I can make something edible!” 


Ok… he hasn’t actually said that… but he has had a lot of “What the fuck is this?” meals from me. I was expecting to make a lot more money in this lifetime, and PAY someone to cook me dinner every night. But I haven’t made that much money, and I haven’t won the lottery yet. Until then, Kimmie’s mystery meals, take-out, or Dave’s cooking will have to do.


I started to get sore again and stutter quite a bit and was having massive hot flashes. Right after she left, I did a lactated ringer as I figured it would be a good day after having my therapeutic massage and to help. I must have been dehydrated as it usually takes 2 1/2 hours to do one, and it literally took just over an hour. How bizarre. That is the only explanation I can think of. It’s not like I had it on full boar compared to the speed I usually do them. 


And once again, I was wide awake, even with my night time meds. It took me awhile to fall asleep,  not so much the pain but my mind didn’t want to shut itself off, but I finally did get to sleep. I didn’t stay asleep, however… I had the most messed up dream that Matthew McConaughey and I got in a fight because you know afterall, in real life we are best buds. 😉 Starting my second round of antibiotics today. I am praying it will be a better day than Monday. Not a lot of fun. Gotta go! It’s peanut butter, Mepron time! Peanut butter, Mepron time! Peanut butter, Mepron, and a baseball bat. 🙂 


Have a great Humpday, everyone!


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