September Part 4 – August Press Release With a Side of Oral Thrush

I went and saw Dr S for my biweekly adjustment a few days ago, and e-mailed him prior to going to let him know what was going on with my tongue. It was getting worse and worse and I was beginning to really feel it on the roof of my mouth and the top of my throat. 


When he called me to come in, I told him I had literally just brushed my teeth before coming in, and that is what it looked like completely clean. It looked like It felt like I hadn’t brushed in a week, my breath was rancid, and it looked like I just had a bunch of coffee as my tongue the grossest yellow color. I told him about the little red taste buds that were bleeding while brushing and he took a little light to look at the inside of my mouth. He was probably just as grossed out as I was, and was pretty confident I had oral thrush. That was my guess, I have been pretty good about playing Dr. now and am usually right at this point.


He gave me some options as to what I could do to treat it, and I opted for a natural tincture. The tincture tastes absolutely rancid, but I can get use to it if it works. Dr S even asked me if I wanted gross or really gross flavor, and I said it didn’t really matter, although I would prefer chocolate doughnut.  I have to look to see what I have stashed away and if I have one, I will pop a diflucan. If I have a yeast infection in my mouth, that only means that my body is probably full of yeast as well. Yummy.


Yesterday wasn’t a bad day of me, despite the fact I didn’t get a lot of sleep. Late to bed, early to rise. I was tired and sore, but bearable. I actually got quite a bit done during the day. I worked for a few hours, went to the post office, and paid my electric bill in town as I can’t remember for the life of me where the heck I put the bill at home. 


I made it to wing night too! We didn’t stay very long, but at least I made it out as the past few weeks have been rough so I have stayed home. 


Night time, everything started to kick my butt, and everything was sore, with exception of my feet being numb, and my right eye was blurred again, so I figured I would spend the rest of the night relaxing, do a little writing, and a lactated ringer. And that is exactly what I did. 


I got Dr J’s notes in the mail, and they weren’t what I expected. I was expecting stuttery and stinky at least. Instead, it was more of a positive note, which is okay by me. He outlined what we discussed during our appointment such as more stuttering (ok so he did mention it), my bug hallucinations and my constant itchy feeling.


He talked about my “major” rage issues, as he said. Hey now, watch it Mister! Only kiddin. One of his goals this month was to help with the hallucinations (they don’t really bother me but is probably alarming to hear by others), crying, and those pesky rage issues. 


As you know, I was prescribed Abilify. I took it for almost a  week, went off the deep end, and didn’t shit the entire time. So, sorry Dr J, I am not going to be the crazy constipated lady. I am sure there is plenty of alternatives.


He talked about the vitiligo and nonspecific papules on my shoulders (spots), and how during the appointment I did have a couple involuntary outbursts but was showing good response time and is appropriate. So, a little less “slow” and no “Franks and Beans!” outbursts. I can live with that. 


I was kind of disappointed that the notes didn’t have anything as to what to expect next month. That really sucked. Last month’s notes gave me an idea of what the protocol was going to be, and what new IV I would be on. Maybe they are waiting to see how things go this month to decide. Hmm….


Dr. J did have some nice things to say about me. On the subjective part of my notes:


“With all of her difficulties, the patient states she is actually faring much better than she had on her previous programs in that she is having much less and much more manageable toxicity. Also, despite her major range of symptoms, she has an outstanding attitude and expectancy that she will improve.” 


His final impression:

“Patient has an excellent attitude and I am sure will do well over time.”


And that is what I needed to really make my day 🙂 


Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “September Part 4 – August Press Release With a Side of Oral Thrush

  1. I wish you a good Friday to. Thank you for sharing your experience. I will have an appointment on November 27th, 2013 with a Lyme specialist in Vermont. I look forward to have the confirmation if all the weird things that happen to me is from Lyme. I enjoy, reading your blog. Hopefully you will feel better soon.

    • Thank you Sophie! I am glad to share with others as I am sure many Lymies can relate and it helps educate others about how bad this disease can really be. Good luck at your appointment! I hope you hear some good news!

      If this is your first appointment with the doctor, or even if it isn’t, I find it helpful to write notes about everything symptom wise, and write questions down. I seem to draw a blank if I don’t, so maybe it will help 🙂

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