September Part 5 – Sunday Funday

 The past few days have been really mixed for me. I think that is partially due to myself overdoing it, but some I think are very likely herx reactions. I have been really good about doing my lactated ringers for detox, but I think my system is just so full of toxins it just doesn’t know what to do with itself.


I felt pretty well on Friday morning compared to the rest of the week, except for the fact I was absolutely freezing. I was assuming it was a beautiful fall day, just chilly out, so I wore my winter coat and Uggs boots when I went outside in the morning…. well later morning, since your alarm clock that you use on your phone tends to not work so well when it’s on vibrate LOL. Turns out, like the other day, it was just me. It was almost 70 degrees out, so not winter coat weather. Or Uggs weather. Once I saw the temperature I settled with a little less winter attire as it really sucks when you are freezing down the road and then have a massive hot flash and you are bundled right up. I can say I know what it feels like to go through menopause LOL.


I accomplished a decent amount at work, but started to feel a little fuzzy so instead of heading to the bank, I came right home. Layed on the couch for a few then got back to work getting the dishes done and tackled making a good home cooked meal. I made oven roasted chicken, REAL mashed potatoes ( I am notorious for cheating and using the microwavable powdered kind), homemade gravy (with corn flour instead of regular flour, and green beans. Yummmmyyy 🙂 I haven’t made an “all out” dinner like that in a long time. 


The fatigue set right in and Dave took over some of the duties of cooking when he got home, while I rested up a bit, but I tried to keep myself going as I knew one of my friends was going to join us for dinner. Luckily, I didn’t feel like I had to entertain her, as we just for the most part relaxed on the couch together. 


It was time for my nightly IVs and I really started to feel really tired and sore. For some reason my line was not working properly, the saline flush would not go through and it seemed like nothing wanted to go in. I stayed calm though. Dave put on a pair of gloves and did a “process of elimination” and figured out my end piece was a little loose, tightened it, and that seemed to do the trick!


I am actually really surprised I handled the IV situation with so much calmness. In my past with infusion troubles, instead of keeping calm and figuring out the problem, I would scream and cry with frustration, and turn it into a full-blown panic attack or a terrible rage in which I would end up throwing and breaking things… like my house phones, generally. And of course, Dave to the rescue, and it was always something stupid, like a slightly kinked line.


So, showing some improvement in the sanity department (can’t thank Abilify, I stopped taking it and seem to be way more sane than when I was taking it). 


On Saturday, I slept in a little bit as well. I think my body is trying to tell me it s tired, being able to sleep in again, and I think I was paying for all that I did the day before, even if it didn’t sound like a whole lot. I was freezing once again, as I spent some time laying on my couch with my winter jacket and a blanket once I got out of bed. I’ll take it, better than hot flashes any day!


I also woke up feeling completely nauseated. I think I was thinking about peanut butter to be honest, as I have a scoop every time I take my Mepron. Once I stopped thinking about my antibiotic week ahead, the peanut butter, the Mepron, and worked on getting ready, those feelings subsided.


My whole body was in pain. Shooting pain in my legs and spine, my arms felt like I had lifted 100 pound weights, and my fingers felt like they were being zapped with electricity. My head, my jaw, my ass bone, literally everything.


I mind-over-mattered the situation and made it to the pharmacy, the bank, and completely rocked it at work. I got a TON done. I can’t tell you how accurate I was LOL but was pleased with how much I got done. I even got a little of Monday’s work done as last Monday was terrible, starting my Mepron along with my other antibiotics, and this week I will be adding artimisinin then Tindamax at the end of the week so I would rather be closer ahead of the game because I never know what tomorrow will be like.


 As soon as I got home, I relaxed my sore body on the couch and just laid there. I wanted to nap, but couldn’t. It was one of those afternoons that the tv guide kept spinning around and around, and I could never remember what was on or what channel.


 I wanted to do more writing but have had issues with the computer screen hurting my eyes. Therefore, I have been handwriting my notes the past few days and avoiding using it more the I have to, which sucks because it is an easy cure for boredom. I need to take it easy because I need to be able to focus  on the computer at work in order to avoid making more mistakes than I have been.


All of our best friends made dinner plans out to Chinese, which was fine by me as I can eat most of the food at this particular place as they use lotus flour. The owner warned me that I could not have anything with sauces, as they use regular flour for thickening, but that gives me a lot of options still. It was a great time, lots of laughs, and it took my mind off of the pain for the time being. I barely even ticked either! My arms were kind of twitchy but no verbal outbursts in the restaurant, which is always nice. 🙂 


My friends joined me at home to hang out and do a lactated ringer. By then I was getting tired again, stuttered a few times when trying to start a sentence, and when I got up to try to put my ugg boots on, I fell right to the ground. hahaha. Luckily I wasn’t hurt and I am sure it was probably pretty funny to see. It was nice to hang out with my favorites! 


I am beyond grateful that I have today off, as I am making it my recooperative day. I am still sore and tired, but I will do my darndest to not overdo it. I once again got to sleep in a bit, might try washing my hair, maybe treat myself to a pedicure, and I think it will be a great day for lots of movies 🙂


Have a good day!

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