September Part 6 – Last Week of Month 2, Add Artemisinin

This week, on top of my Meropenum and Clindamycin IVs, Septra DS, and Mepron, I just added a high dose of Artemisinin. The end of the week I will be also adding Tindamax during the last 2 days. All on top of all my other medications and supplements. Holy moly. I am especially not looking forward to Friday, since I will be on EVERYTHING. But I am looking on the bright side. 9 days without antibiotics, with the exception of whatever new IV I try when I go to DC next week. But 9 days of freedom! Other than heparin and saline, sweet, sweet freedom!


Last Monday, the start of Mepron was really not a good day. Between the pain, light headedness, tics, I just wanted to curl up in a ball. This week, I feel like maybe I have gotten use to it, so it wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated. 


I seem to be having a hard time waking up in the morning, as I always have to transfer myself from the bed to the couch for a bit lately instead of starting to get ready for the day, as I feel I am 100 years old and slightly lightheaded, and I was absolutely freezing. Freezing, sore, or not, I still have a dog to take care of and I had to let him out on his runner.


To test me first thing in the morning, my dog decided to dig the biggest whole possible in the yard, and was covered head to toe in dirt. COVERED. He trotted right in the house and ran right to his water bowl. He is a Great Dane/Lab mix, so not a little boy, so he made a big slobbery mess, turning his dirt into mud all over the kitchen floor. And then he was headed for where he loves to go while I get ready…. my bed. I don’t think so! I kept my cool and left the mess to deal with later, as you can’t sweep mud and watched him pout in the living room the entire time I got ready.


*Sigh* The kitchen floor depressed me and started to make me angry just by looking at it. After that ordeal, I took the quickest bath/washup in history (stinky girl) as I was shivering even though my house said it was 72 degrees, and did my IVs with my legs and toes under a blanket with my winter coat on. Once done all my IVs. I finished getting ready, putting some sort of a face on, these days if I put makeup on I more look like a clown, since my hands are shaky so I am way off on my application and I would rather not stab myself in the eye with an eyeshadow applicator.


It took me a few tries before I was able to leave for work. Crap! I forgot my sunglasses (I really need them to see while driving) ! Go back to door. Why isn’t my house unlocking? Duh, I am using my car keys. Go back to car. Damnit! I forgot my meds. Head back to door. Grab meds. For realz? I then forgot my valve to bring to the hospital as they are better then the ones the hospital has. Then… I was off! 


I only went to work for about an hour, then had to take off to the hospital to get my dressing changed. Always a favorite time of my week, as I love to see my nurse, Helen. She is one of those people that really cares about her patients and is a great asset to the hospital, as I have dealt with some negative nancies in the past. 


Then, it was back to work. I was really sore, mostly pain in my spine and hips, but bearable. I always get chiropractic adjustments every other week which has helped with my back pain tremendously, but last weeks adjustment just wasn’t cutting it. I think it might have been the walk to and from the hospital to get to my car in the parking lot. 


I was pretty unproductive at work, not that I wasn’t trying to get things accomplished, but I was very easily distracted. E-mails, Facebook, online shopping… Ok, Kimmie.. FOCUS! I turned everything off and when I was trying to do my work, my Dad, once again, proceeds to use the phone and hover behind me. He talks on the phone like whoever he is talking to is completely deaf. He is a yeller. Right behind me. Strike one. I tell him I need to concentrate and to leave the office for a little bit, and to use the other phone if he needs to make any calls (his important phone call was talking to a truck dealership about a truck he liked.. so it could have went to another room). Ok good. Now, he comes through the office door with the two dogs, and hovers some more. Strike two. I finally had some piece and quiet, and was almost done what I needed to do and he comes into the office yet again asking how long I am going to be as the trucks should be pulling in. I tell him less then 10 minutes and I will be out of there and on my way home. He then takes my keys and moves my car, so I have to walk way further than I was parked. Strike three. Out comes the Lyme rage. I was flipping out there until I got home with a slight case of road rage. Ativan. Gabapentin. Couch.


I rested and then decided I was going to clean up the kitchen floor the best I could. I swept it up real quick, then got my Swiffer WetJet ready. I needed a new pad for the bottom, and opened the cupboard to grab it, and the cupboard door completely broke and collapsed on my shoulder. Mother fucker! Owwww. Got damnit Dave! Yeah, this wasn’t remotely his fault but it always feels good to blame someone else.


I went out to my car as I have yet to make a hotel reservation and needed to grab my wallet and I couldn’t find my business mail to send out in the morning. Where the fuck is it?! I put it right on my front seat! Of course, immediately I call my Dad since he moved my car and started to blame him and ask what he did with the mail. It took him two seconds to tell me I left it at work. I felt a little embarrassed, gave him a half ass apology, and told him I would see him in the morning.


So needless to say, a little testy the beginning of this week. I am wondering what Dr J will want to recommend since the Abilify made me even worse than I am now. 


I stayed up for a lot of the night, as my mind didn’t want to calm down, but a few movies helped me, as well as my sleepy pills, and fell asleep. I will let you know how the rest of the week goes, and how the add of Tindamax works out! Yikes! Wish for a calm and sane KimmieCakes 🙂


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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