Baking Bread


Ok, well I figured instead of plastering my FB wall and groups with the title “Yeast Issues”, I would use my gross sense of humor and use the title “Baking Bread”. But I think you all already know I am a little crude and a straight shooter by now. 


I am just recovering from oral thrush, which is not a lot of fun, so it brought on my idea about candida issues, which is common among those taking antibiotics. I haven’t had any “down there issues” since the start of my antibiotics (now that was an awkward e-mail to Dr S!), but have continuously had tinea versicolor (even BEFORE treatment) and of course, the new one, oral thrush. I took a diflucan over the weekend and it seemed to also help with the oral thrush issue. Having oral thrush with the antibiotics, and the fact I have been pooping up a storm lead me to believe that I have way too much yeast in my body right now, making my treatment less effective. So, got to get rid of the bad! But how?


I will do my darndest to explain everything as accurately as possible, as I always use sources. Sorry, not trying to be lazy on this post, I promise. I can’t read the computer screen very well any more so I wing it the best I can, so at least hoping for not a lot of grammatical errors, so bear with me here! 


Important knowledge about yeast is to know that there is actually GOOD bacteria in your body and its purpose, why there is bad yeast (candida), how it suppresses your immune system, and options to fix it.


There is some good bacteria in your body. These bacteria help manufacture B vitamins, produce anti bacterial substances, aid in digestion, get rid of toxic pollutants, can help lower cholesterol among many other things. These friendly bacteria (probiotics! Yay, I love them) have many names, and each one serves a different purpose. 


Lactobacillus acidophilus: Found in your small intestines, mouth and vagina.  It helps manufacture lactase to help digest milk and sugar. Theis strain even produces natal antibiotics! This is usually the first one to get wiped out during treatment.


Bifidobacterium bifidum and B. longum: Say what? I swear they need to just put words in easy terms for us to know what the heck they are talking about. This inhibits your large intestines and vagina. According to one of my sources, this one bacteria makes up 99% of the entire flora of the bowel. Wow! The purpose of this particular type is it produces acids to prevent bad bacteria, yeast, and viruses. It is also 


Lactobacillus bulgaria: It literally makes yogurt. It naturally produces antibiotics to kill harmful bacteria in your body.


The main issue here is finding a balance. You need to get rid of the bad without wiping out the good! So, let’s talk about the bad. The bad can cause an array of symptoms in itself and it takes time to get rid of it. It is not an instantaneous fix, unfortunately, but there are ways to get to where you want to me.


What causes bad funguses in your body? Antibiotics, metals, aspartame, alcohol, vaccinations, steroids, birth control, sugar, gluten, poor diet…Well, I think in most of our cases, it is the long term antibiotic use or feeding it by poor diet choices. But we can fix that! As I have posted in the past about a proper Lyme diet, it is necessary to get into remission, and to reduce inflammation. Eat healthy 🙂 


The bad bacteria can cause symptoms that look like other issues such as inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS), (I diagnosed when I started having my tinea versicolor yeast rash, never got yeast levels tested), and Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) inflammation of many kinds and allergic reactions. It can even cause a leaky gut!


Your system can become completely out of whack during candida.  The main issues being that the T -cells in your body become suppressed. One source says for autism to check yeast levels. Your intestines can become inflamed (especially with oral antibiotics), and in time they can actually eat tissue in your intestines and stomach lining.



Symptoms that you should consult with your doctor about a candida issue are: 


Gastrointestinal – indigestion, gas, bloating, diarrhea, heartburn, bad breathe, thrush, dry mouth


Somatic and Allergic: numbness, burning, stiff joints, head tension, weight loss, dizziness, chemical sensitivity, chest pains, and congestion to name a few. Hmmm. Some sound like Lyme, don’t they?!


Mental and Emotional: depression, nervousness, confusion, anxiety, agitation


Skin: tinea versicolor, anal itch (gross!), impetigo, athlete’s foot, dandruff, psoriasis, acne, and dermatitis.


Sexual: low libido, infertility, yeast infections, menstrual irregularities, prostate issues


Urinary: frequently having to go to the bathroom, fluid retention, edema.


Off subject, but while reading there seems to be many links that can cause autism.Very interesting. It seems like there are a lot of connections to autism… maybe that is another reason why the rates have skyrocketed over the years.


Ok… that’s a lot but not even all of it. The goals are to kill the bad, recoup the good, and get your GI tract up and running again. But how?


AVOID WHAT YOU KNOW TRIGGERS YEAST IN YOUR BODY! For myself personally, I know the number one is drinking beer. The last “break” I had from my antibiotics, I had ONE beer. Not six. And my tinea versicolor yeast rash spread from my back and chest to my neck. So, I should avoid alcohol. Some people it might be mold, or sugar, or gluten (well, beer has gluten, so that was probably my issue.) 


Remember folks, yeast feeds off of sugar, starch, fruits and juices. They also feed of of artificial sweeteners, pasteurized dairy,and and coffee. Well, I am not giving coffee up! The only thing I would never be able to do. I thought it was interesting that Burrascano’s guidelines did not recommend eating mushrooms, as it was feeding its own kind. Makes sense. Bummer.. I love mushrooms. Not as much as coffee though! 😉 There are some medicinal mushrooms you can take that should not affect getting rid of yeast such as Japanese mushrooms.


KILL IT! I showed D S my tongue and he knew it was oral thrush. I wish I knew exactly what type of tincture he made for me, but I can tell you it is disgusting. But it seemed to help, and that is all that matters. Natural supplements and spices to try to get rid of bad yeast:  Tea tree oil, bitters,cayenne,ginger, psyllium seed, grapefruit seed extract, oregano, thyme and garlic, greek yogurt, broccoli, onion, cabbage and turnips. Also, don;t forget to take your vitamins! All the basics seem to help, as well as copper and zinc. Some prescriptions include Nystatin, Fungilin, Diflucan, Lamisil and Oxy-plus. Over the counter products are also available for the ladies such as Monistat.


 I have not tried any prescriptions other than Diflucan, but after taking it on Saturday (it is Wednesday now), my rash has improved and maybe helped aid along with the tincture that Dr S gave me. I just got to keep at it as I know there is still likely a yeast overload in my body. 


GET YOURSELF TO A PROPER BALANCE! You can take capsules, such as the probiotics listed above as well as others like sacchromyces (I personally take that one too). Also know which ones are good and which ones are not as good. Try to get refrigerated ones. Much more effective 🙂


TAKE YOUR VITAMINS! This will help boost your immune system and get it working again. 


HEAL! Glutamine powder, fish oil, evening primrose, and black currant are some good options. You need to heal your guts and intestines in order to get back on track and not cause permanent damage.


It is a confusing topic, and I think almost all of us Lymies have some sort of yeast issue from the antibiotics, or because of our suppressed immune systems. So, I hope this post helped shed some light about yeast, the good and the bad, and what you can do to fix it 😉


****** P.S. I found an interesting website  It is a checklist/test for Lyme patients and yeast 🙂


Happy Wednesday! It’s Hummmmp Day!,, ,,, Photo credit:




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