September Part 7 – Just One More Day

Today is my last day until I have 9 days off… with exception of my one IV in DC to make sure I don’t have any reactions. I really am looking forward to this break. It has been a long month. I am all hooked up to my morning IVs (Meropenom and Clindamycin) , and can’t wait until finishing my night time ones along with my other antibiotics today: Mepron, Septra DS, Artimisinin, and Tindamax.

I have a dirty plan when I have my break, that is probably a no-no, ok, I KNOW is a no-no, but you know what? When you have had IVs in you for over 7 months, you can point your fingers and judge. I want a pumpkin head beer, in glass rimmed with cinnamon and nutmeg. It is going to be like fall/Thanksgiving/happiness in a glass. I will then take a Diflucan LOL.

Added Tindamax to the mix yesterday, a Thursday, so I only took the Tindamax as it wasn’t an IV day, and boy oh boy, it was a shitty day. I have been so tired and achy, which I can deal with, but my rage issues have escalated, and are over the top now.

After yelling at my Dad once again at work yesterday, he personally ordered some sound proof head phones so I will no longer have distractions in the office and go off the deep end. I don’t know. Loud noises just really bother me now. Luckily my dog isn’t much of a barker. I can’t explain it, it is not like it gives me a headache, it just escalates into major rage issues. This will definitely be something to point out to Dr J. Especially since I was even worse while on Abilify.

I was very bummed out yesterday, as it was wing night, and one of my best friends was going, as she is hanging out with one of my guy pals that always goes, but when Dave was driving, about a minute down the road I had him turn around. I knew it was going to be a bad time. I was already starting to feel completely loopy and out of it, I couldn’t see or hear anything straight, so he turned around, made sure I made it to the couch alright and he was off without me.

Once I felt a little better, enough to sit upright at least (yeah, it was that bad), I decided to look on my computer and track a package I was looking forward to as I knew it was suppose to arrive soon but forgot the date. I don’t have a lot of money, but I splurged on the Labor Day sales and bought a new pair of boots since mine are falling apart, a pair of jeans, and a few under shirts as I wear them under everything. By splurge I mean nearly $70.00, but we really don’t have money to be spending on luxuries right now. UPS said they were delivered to my door, but nope, they never were!

Added to my rage issues. I called the company, and by that time I was completely hyperventilating and they are supposidly going to try to figure it out for me. At least the girl was nice and understanding.  I felt awful because I was at that point literally freaking out.  I know it’s not really her problem, but she definitely tried to make sure I was okay. She gets an “A” for customer service, for sure.

Dave called me when he was leaving from wing night to let me know he was going to go to a store a town over to get some things he needed for outside to prep for winter, and I was still completely bawling my eyes out, yelling in frustration, and told him what happened.

Well, instead of going to the store, about 5 minutes later he came home. I think he was afraid I was going to break something other than a phone at that point, like the TV LOL. He helped out a lot. He let me rest and made some phone calls, and hopefully everything will be sorted out or I will get my money back. I took my nighttime ativan and seizure meds and started to relax a bit.

And to top the night off, the woman from the company I bought the items from said she might call for an update, so I went outside to grab my wallet, in case my information was needed, and I slipped down my front step and HARD. My back is out, my left ankle, tailbone, and left hand are slightly bruised and I must have clenched my jaw because it hurts like a mofo. I kind of thought to myself, really? Do I ever get a break?

I haven’t taken anything yet other than working on my IVs, but I have the feeling it will be another long day. Trying to get ready this morning, I was so tired, dizzy, and sore while picking out clothes from my “clean hamper”, yes my clean one since I haven’t folded clothes for about a month, I laid down on the floor beside it, not wanting or able to move. Mind over matter. Mind over matter. I finally got up and was able to finish getting ready. It usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes to tell how the antibiotics are going to react with me for the day. Still thinking positive though! I have a lot to do, so I am going to have to tough it out either way! One more day, one more day.

Happy Friday 😉

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