Benefits of Pulse Therapy

There are many different ways that LLMDs go about treating Lyme. Some protocols work better than others for an individual, as everyone is different, but today, I would like to share with you the benefits of pulse therapy. 


A pulse therapy is a treatment protocol that you have intervals in between treatment. Example, two weeks on, one week off. Or in my case, Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Fridays for 2 weeks, then Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday on the third week, and then a week off. 

 Some of the benefits of pulse therapy include: 

 1) Even though you wouldn’t think that this would be a aggressive protocol, dosages are often doubled, which increases efficiency, and these medications can be used with increased safety, since you are not taking them every day. Pulse therapy is great to do with a combination therapy to attack Lyme in all it’s forms.


2) Treatment can be a lot less expensive by pulsing. 


3) IVs can be much more tolerable while pulsing. Some of these protocols can be VERY aggressive. Even for those only taking orals, you are less likely to be nauseas if you don’t have to take the same antibiotic every day for an extended period of time. 


 4) It is a much more agreeable lifestyle for someone going through treatment. It is hard being on treatment for months and months without an end.

5) Lastly, this treatment protocol might be right up your alley if a daily regimen has failed for you. 


According to Burrascano’s guideline’s, he believes that a pulse therapy treatment should continue for a minimum of 10 weeks, and often must continue beyond 20 weeks. 


I personally am really glad that Dr. J. goes by this type of protocol. One of his reasonings that I found interesting as to why he treats in this approach is that he wants to see how you are doing during your BREAK from antibiotics. The earlier in therapy, the more likely to show a quick relapse and reoccurrence in symptoms (just started this one so can’t fairly say but last month I was having continuous issues) and then uses that information to figure out what the next plan for action will be. The belief is also that during treatment having the antibiotic breaks will help boost your immune system and help aid in killing the buggers.


I do enjoy this more, as I was basically on antibiotics for 8 months straight. I had very little improvements. If anything, I became a lot worse and stayed that way. I am still worse than the first time I walked through Dr S’s doors a year ago. That really sucks!

 For the 5 months with my PICC line, everyday I would give myself my own infusions through a syringe that I would have to hold and push over a 30 minute period, sometimes having to do this two times, twice a day. It really didn’t bother me all that much as I was use to it, but it is really of nice to have the weekends to look forward, other than a lactated ringer, flushing, and heparin  of course;)

Using rocephin daily for the time that I did wreaked havoc on my immune system and my organs. Once I stopped, my levels slowly came back to normal. Leading to believe, many of the issues were antibiotic related and my body needed a break. Everyday medicine was just not working for me, whether it was nausea issues, herxing way too much, or never seeing even a glimpse of improvement. 


In pulse therapy, it is easier to monitor what is going on. If you have a good responsible LLMD, I am sure they are doing routine bloodwork (I at some points including now have to go in every week for testing, particularly liver and pancreas enzymes, regular panels, and magnesium levels). I would hope you would be getting this testing done on a regular basis no matter what treatment protocol you are on.


 But sometimes, it is hard to tell if it is Lyme or something going on with an antibiotic that is causing something to be “off”.


It has been 2 months since the start of my IVs at Dr J’s, and realistically, I know I have a long way to go. But I am starting to notice that my better days are a little better than they were before. On my good days, I seem to have a little more stamina being on my feet, and my tics not as bad. On my worse days, they are still not remotely compared to what they use to be… at least not at this point. I had a few really bad days this month… but that is an improvement in itself. I use to have more of those days than I do right now. 


If you are reading this and think this sounds a lot like you, maybe pulse therapy could be the right path for you! 🙂 And of course, I am not a Doctor…..consult with a Doctor 🙂,,,,,



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