September Part 9 – Holidaayyyy, Celebratttee


It has been a few days since my break has begun. One of my friends just landed a job, working with special needs kids, and we are all psyched for her. Yes, this is the friend that I accused of being mean to me via text, but turns out, I am a delusion, crazy nut. 


We decided on going over to our friend Justin’s house, and keeping it simple and doing a small celebratory dinner for her. I made garlic cheddar biscuits and brought over mashed potatoes, and we all cooked steamers and steak tips. Delish!  Well, I pretty much loaded up on steamers, but either way. 🙂 While hanging out and chit chatting, I made the mistake of having two beers, not even just one, but TWO! Gluten I know, bad bad, but like I said in a previous post, don’t judge, or I will have to go all Lyme ragey on you, and nobody wants that. I didn’t even have my cinnamon and nutmeg rimmed Shipyard. After my two beers, mind you over the course of several hours, and I really mean several hours… the second one was piss warm by the time I finished it, I was feeling a little buzzed. And I use to be a champ back in the day! ! I guess that is not something to be proud of… LOL It was around 10 o’ clock and we decided to call it a night and head home.


Well what does one want to do when they have drinks? Eat. My best friend brought over peanut butter brownies, for Dave…. not for me. She is an amazing cook. and I HAD to have one.  It probably wasn’t wise to add on top of the candida colony I had already begun to grow in my belly and intestines. It wasn’t twenty minutes after eating my brownie that I was throwing up. My body just completely rejected it. I haven’t had gluten for a long time, and having two beers and a rich, sugary peanut butter brownie is probably not a good starter. Boy, was that brownie good though!


My stomach was already bothering me BEFORE the free-for-all gluten night of beer and brownies, as I think my body wants to get rid of all the toxins, in the form of being on the toilet every two minutes.  Fun fun… super attractive 😉 So, diflucan and lactated ringer the next day. 


I spent most of the day sitting on the couch, after I worked my 3 hours at work and running back and forth to the bathroom. I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Everything in my body hurt. My back and everything else still hurt from falling outside, which didn’t help the situation out at all. I wish I had the oomph to get things done, since I knew I was going to be headed out to DC this week.


Yesterday was pretty rough as well. I took forever to get up and ready in the morning, and had to play catch up at work. Sore per usual, and a headache right behind my eye sockets, if that makes any sense. I had to go to the hospital to get my dressing changed and weekly bloodwork, and by that time, I was feeling pretty loopy, and was starting to feel nauseous. It seems like this month I have been nauseas on my off days. Weird. 


Once I finished everything I had to do, I was thankful I made enough food for leftovers, and passed out on the couch for a few hours and woke up with a massive headache. I was freezing then sweating, freezing then sweating, so another night of lifetime movies, and another date with my couch.


I of course set myself up for a long day today. I was smart and didn’t pack yet, work, massage, go home and take a bath and wash my hair (a task in itself), chiropractic adjustment with Dr S, then off to Boston with the Hubs. Why did I do this to myself? I always set myself up for easy, stress-free days. Oy. On the plus side, I now know where the vending machine is at the hotel. 🙂 Silver linings. 


It makes me extremely nervous to be traveling right after a tragedy that happened just miles away from the clinic. Also, this month I really don’t know what to expect, which  also makes me nervous. So a few sleepless nights to say the least. I suppose they are just waiting to see how this month went before deciding on the next move. I don’t like surprises. Boo. I will find out soon enough! Wish me luck!




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