September Part 11 – First Attack of the Zithro

 It was one of those weird freezing nights going to bed when I got back from DC. My house wasn’t actually freezing, but I was. Not only did I wear sweatpants, I had on fuzzy socks, a long sleeve shirt, a tee shirt, and a sweatshirt on, I also had a sheet, a comforter, and a oversized Egyptian cotton blanket over me and I was still cold. It took me awhile to fall asleep, which is unusual for me at this point, since I am usually up til the early hours in the morning but it takes no time to fall asleep that way. 


It made me laugh and remember during the trip, as this was opposite, but I didn’t ask Dave how I was that morning, but Dr J asked if I was sweating still at night. I told him I was, but didn’t think it was as bad. Dave piped in and told him every morning since he goes to work early, he gives me a kiss on my forehead and says bye, even though I never respond and am out like a light, I am completely gross and sweaty. Thanks babe. I don’t know what goes on in my sleep, but now I know…he compared it to kissing a piece of warm raw meat. Warm raw meat Dave? He’s a strange one. Probably why we are meant for each other. But I have the feeling that never happened the day after DC.


The day after my DC trip, I was definitely feeling the effects of the Zithro IV. Once again, felt like I didn’t even go to bed. I woke up and my wrists and knees were in searing pain. I noticed my knee caps were red, but didn’t look like they were swollen. Either way, they hurt. Everything hurt. I had a headache like I was taking tequila shots all night long, and spent half the morning in the bathroom. MmmmM. My blog, I am real about it. Goodbye toxins, and whatever the hell I ate in the past week. LOL


But, I can deal with some pain and discomfort. Things have been a lot worse. I really wanted to wash my hair since it was gross from the trip as it is kind of a project and I didn’t have to work, but it took me so long to actually get up and every step in the morning routine before my bath I had to go lay down. Find clothes, lay down. Brush teeth, lay down. So it was kind of a fuck it morning. My legs and underarms can be a little furry for a day, and dry shampoo is one of my best friends. 


I had to pick up my dog once I was done, way later than expected, as he was still at my parent’s house. He was so excited to see me, it made my heart melt a little and I forgot about how tired and sore I was. As soon as I got home with him, he went straight for his bone and layed on the floor while I layed on the couch for most of my morning before I decided to get moving again. I only really had to go to the pharmacy that is about 5 minutes away, but it felt like it was a project and a half.


Coffee. Writing. I finally made it to the pharmacy and picked up what I needed. A big box of lactated ringers, for 4$… since my insurance is going to be cut off at the end of the year I will have to remember to have a field day and renew every single thing and in whatever highest quantities they will let me have. You can’t beat that!


 And of course even though I talked to Dave real quick during his lunch break, I forgot he was going to a fair to enter his truck in the truck pulls. A few of my friends wanted me to go but I just wasn’t having it. Sitting in the cold on the bleachers while being sore versus laying in my warm house under a blanket… hmmm big decisions. Couch date. 


So, what to do for dinner… take out salad sounds good. But if you remember my “Crazy Kimmie” post ( I can’t remember what it was actually called), I am probably banned with voice recognition and photo, so I had to order and pick up myself from another place in town. On my way there, the hot flashes finally came back, and I started to feel loopy as heck, so I was driving with my AC blasting and windows down. A sweaty mess once again. Luckily, my food was ready and I didn’t have to stand for very long, and grabbed my stuff and headed right home. 


The rest of the night was a lovely date with my blanket and the couch. I ate my salad and drifted off listening to my favorite channel, the TV Guide. 


The next day, Friday, I felt a lot better. Still sore, but I think the fact it was such a warm, beautiful day definitely helped with some of the joint pain. My tongue now feels like it is growing “fur” and is that gross color again. Toxicity, yeast, whatever. Time for another diflucan. It was a much more accomplishing day. I gave myself a good hair wash, after a few attempts. I grabbed conditioner instead of shampoo the first time around, making it feel even more gross than usual, so a good scrubbing was definitely needed.


I got a lot done at work, even though my mind wandered most of the day. I had a hard time staying focused and would have probably spend half the time getting the work done if I had just sat and did it. It was a day that I had to write notes on everything I needed to get done on index cards. I have learned to try to either tape them right on my office desk in plain sight immediately, or put them in my left back pocket. That way, I can check throughout the day if I have any notes as I tend to forget I even write them.


 I spent the rest of the day,evening, and night on the couch, watching my tacky lifetime movies that I love so much, and did a lactated ringer, which must have been needed since it took about 40 minutes to infuse instead of around 2 hours. I must have been like a raisin inside. 


Saturday was a little better… until the afternoon. The bottom of my feet were yelling at me (thinking it is a Bart issue) and I felt loopy and completely out of it. I relaxed on the couch as we made plans to go out to dinner with some friends, and I sucked it up as I really wanted to see anyone and have a little “normalcy”. 


Once I got to dinner, I felt overwhelmed as we went to a Wild Wings, and it was needless to say noisy and we were surrounded by all the TVs with sports on, but once I sat down at a booth instead of a chair (I tend to have a worse time if it takes more effort to sit upright), I felt a lot better and had a good time chatting with my good friends.



We went back over to one of my guy friends house and it was the perfect end to the evening. He had fireworks and shot them off and they were pretty good for an at home show, and while the guys were talking about “guy stuff” like trucks outside, my best friend and I laid in bed, had some tea and popcorn, watched “Bridesmaids” and fell asleep. 


Today I am writing this right before I have to go to work. I am tired. Really tired. I think going out to dinner was overdoing it, but it was worth it. Luckily, I am all caught up and I know it will be an easy day. 


Tomorrow I start the beginning of a long two weeks for my first round of protocol. 5 antibiotics then 6 the second week. That’s a lot. I am really trying to think butterflies, rainbows, and unicorns on this one, but in reality I am afraid and am pretty sure this protocol is going to suck. In DC I just did a Zithro drip and obviously the night and following day weren’t a blast. More on top of that starting tomorrow. Boo. I always revert my mind to the days that I was really really bad, and I hope I am far past that, but we will see. But I have to keep my positivity. Silver linings. I have two weeks off. I am thinking of the two weeks off. I can do this 🙂

9 thoughts on “September Part 11 – First Attack of the Zithro

    • thanks! 🙂 I was smart and finished all my work to take the first day off. We will see! If I can do what I have already done, I know I can do it, I can do just about anything! haha it is just such a scary and long process :-\

  1. Omg omg Kimmie – I’ve only been able to skim your posts (sloooow internet), but I swear, we have the same exact diagnosis, go to the same doc (love me some Dr J!), and have almost the same protoco! I’m doing Merrem? & Tigacycline in eve & Merrem & Cipro in morn – today thru thurs. Last week it looked almost exactly like yours does this week – yes, 6 abx! Blaugh!!

    We live in DE, 2 1/2 hrs from DC – we r lucky that way. Totally sounds crazy (well not so crazy to me, but my perspective has changed a bit), if I clear it w my cautious police officer husband, you and dave are absolutely welcome to stay in our guest room on the way to & from dc if u wanna save $ on flights! My best gfriend lives in boston so I know that’s about a 6 hr drive. As much traveling as I wud ever wanna do -.esp when sick. Break up the drive in lovely Wilmington Delaware! Lol, actually it is quite lovely – just depends on where u go! Lol!

    Anyhoo. Just kinda sorta navigated thru setting up an account w WordPress so that I could reply to this post! I am so so very sorry for your struggle. I’ll continue to read your updates – even if u do decide I’m a banana sandwich and not reply! Haha.

    Hope you are able to sleep well tonight, and that you have a Blue Sky Day tomorrow! 😉

    Kerri (Whittaker) Santos
    Friend me on Facebook! much more info for a background check there! Lol. WordPress blog is a bit thin right now…my only post so far is: “help”! 😀

    • Thank you, Kerri! It is a lot. I just gotta look on the bright side that you get beat up and then you are getting a little closer. My worst days are not what they use to be, even though they still suck… a lot! I will find you on FB.

      I don’t think Dr. J will put me on Cipro from my terrible experience with even just the oral kind. He was hesistant to put me on flagyl but since I am only taking it for 2 days of each 2 week protocol, I told him I could deal with it. That’s what all the nausea meds are for. I might be changing my mind on that one though LOL

      • Ugh, yuck. Lol – I actually just told him I prefer mepron over artisminisin (sp??). He gave me a choice this time…lmao! Told him I had planned to save the mepron to paint my nails, or perhaps a wall, but I’d take that over the other – can’t even look at that bottle w out gagging! !

        Will get back to u on fb…stand by! 🙂 🙂

        P.p.s 2 of my very dear friends also in tx for chronic lyme (both dr.j!), so if u were to ever visit, perhaps I could arrange a (Green) Tea Detox party! Lol. You’d b in good company. AND I wud force dave and mico into the man cave to discuss their feelings about their sick wives. I know mico is stuffing quite a bit – keeps him safe at work, but at home he doesn’t even know which emotion to pick…his poor head is spinning. MUST read your spouse essay asap!

      • haha yes mepron is pretty gross. I have had worse natural Lyme killing tinctures that were pretty gross so I can deal. Just chase it with peanut butter!

    • P.S. kinda weird:

      1. Your first blog post describing the start of your struggle – “The Beginning” – is dated June 22. June 22 also happens to be my birthday. So…perhaps this is not The Beginning of your nightmare – perhaps it is a rebirth. You are in a cocoon right now, and its dark and cramped and messy and lonely. But this is your Do Over! You can pick the color and shape of you wings – and make a grand entrance whenever you are ready.

      2. Never having been a dog owner, I felt strongly that i would need canine companionship thru my Lyme treatment. Our black lab Cassie was the first dog i found on PetFinder. We met her and adopted her the same day. Her paperwork reported that she had been rescued from a graveyard in South Carolina on September 11, 2012. September 11, 2012 is also the day I was diagnosed by Dr. J. So I feel like we were both truly saved that day. 🙂

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