September Part 12 – The Start of Month Three’s Protocol

Well, I guess it really isn’t month 3 as it has been over a year, but my 3rd month with Dr J. Monday, I started my six week protocol. It started with my clindamycin IV in the morning, which I was pleased about since last round I had two IVs in the morning, making it harder for me to get to work at a decent time. I got the wonderful dandelion taste in my mouth once again. I didn’t miss it over my nine day break!  Then followed my arsenal of supplements and my other antibiotics: Septra DS, Artimisinin, and Mepron. 


The day altogether wasn’t too bad. I was smart and did all my work so I just about took the day off from work, with exception of a trip to the post office and making some phone calls. I was sore, especially my hips, lower back and knees, and felt like I was in a foggy haze. It was a dressing change day, so I did that on my way home from the hospital. Once I was home, I relaxed on the couch and did a bit of writing, with the exception of my best friend showing up for a surprise visit and taking me to a farm just down the road as she wanted mums, and got me a pumpkin for my front steps. Made my day. 🙂 


Then came time for my night time meds. All the same, and adding my new favorite, my Zithro IV. During this IV, I became extremely tired and kept nodding off.. under a warm blanket of course. My feet were freezing! Dave took a picture of me doing my Zithro IV. I look super attractive. Just kidding. 


All I can say is thank goodness that IV is only at night, as between the two nighttime IV’s, it takes about 3 hours. Oy vey. I will have to make sure my computer is fully charged and hope that there is a good Lifetime movie on!


After the Zithro IV was done, I wanted to jump for joy, but I felt pretty fucked up for the rest of the night. Sorry for the f-bomb, but you readers should know me by now. This is me. My right eye was all wonky again, and my head felt like it was in a cloud. What hasn’t happened to me in a long time started to, the Parkinson’s like shakes in my hands. They were completely uncontrollable. Not painful, just completely involuntary movements. 


I still decided to do some more writing, and after checking my writing the next day, it looked like a two year old wrote it. Lots of spelling mistakes and wondering what the hell I was even trying to say. I felt like I needed “Google Translator” for Lyme Brain. hahaha. Needless to day, some altercations were definitely made before posting. 🙂 


The day off antibiotics was not as nearly as bad as anticipated. Getting up was extremely slow going, but I had to get my butt up for work and then go to massage. It was a full body kind of day, with a lot of different issues going on. Lymph issues, back issues, hip issues, leg, feet, and hand issues. Everything. I always feel better once she is done though.


I think my worst issues of the day were that loop/lightheaded/high feeling, kind of like my head is in the clouds. I was so tired, so that was probably a big factor in this. I was sore, but not like I have been. So that’s good! 


 I went to visit my bestie at the salon, and she was nice and washed my hair for me, then surprised me by giving me a haircut that I was too chicken to do. Looking a little better on the outside makes you feel a tiny bit better on the inside. 🙂  


Dave surprised me when he got home from work and hooked up cable in my second bedroom! Yayyy! We had cable in there about two years ago, but my dog decided to chew the cord and he hadn’t hooked it up ever since. It is the kind that he had to go underneath the house to do, so a big pain, but it’s finally done! I think my Lifetime movies were finally getting to him, since I am a bit of a remote hog, and knowing Grey’s Anatomy season is coming up… he did the right thing 🙂


My big plan for the evening was to do a lactated ringer. And you want to know what I did? Slept. And slept. And slept. I slept from a little after 6 to around 11 at night, then finally got ready for bed after checking e-mails, etc.  And I fell right asleep. My body is just completely wiped out from even just starting this protocol. It’s going to be a long one for sure, but I will definitely utilize the time I can to try to get some extra rest.


So needless to say, no lactated ringer. My next “off” day is Thursday, so I will make sure I will do one then. I really need to.


IVs this morning, luckily just the one. Then my arsenault of other crap. IVs tonight, followed by more crap. I am looking forward to bed more than you will ever know LOL. Thursday is my day off, so I have a plan of sleeping in ( if my body will let me), getting a coffee, getting back in bed in my pajamas, doing a lactated ringer, and watching crappy daytime TV. It will be glorious. That’s probably not what is going to happen in reality, but it helps me get through today!


Happy humpday!


2 thoughts on “September Part 12 – The Start of Month Three’s Protocol

  1. I have the herxing rash after about 2 weeks of antibiotics it sucks, very it hurts and painful. So bad I thought I was burned both arms and hands. Thank you for this site made me feel better.

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