The Link Between Lyme and Mercury Toxicity

Everyone with Lyme disease, especially in more severe cases should really consider the possibility of having mercury toxicity.  Mercury toxicity in your body is a BIG problem. Why would there be mercury toxicity in your body, and what are some of the options to help aid in releasing this toxic metal? After doing research, it seemed to be a question of what came first, the chicken or the egg? 


I wondered when I was told I had mercury toxicity, how I got it. I never ate a thermometer or anything as a child, so what gives? Turns out, all people are exposed to mercury throughout their lifetime. Mercury is part of our environment, and some areas have more mercury than others. Mercury is in the air, our water, our food. We come in direct contact with this toxic metal every day, such as fluorescent lights, electronic instruments, fillings, and thimerosal containing vaccinations, such as your FLU SHOT. What? Crazy huh? One of the reasons why I have personally never had any vaccines that are not required to take. I am not arguing if you have chosen to do so, but I am a conspiracist, and don’t believe everything I hear from the medical industry or our government telling us something is “beneficial”. Don’t you dare try to take me away, Uncle Sam, or I will Lyme rage your ass. 


A note about fillings, “silver” dental fillings are actually made up of 50% mercury. Having this type of filling, is like cracking a mercury containing thermometer and placing it in your mouth, according to one source. And it is estimated that 85% of people that have fillings were given this type of filling. If you are not sure, a dentist can easily be able to tell if there is mercury in your fillings by x-ray. Either way, yikes! 


Mercury is a highly toxic substance, that comes in three forms, methyl mercury, elemental, and inorganic compounds. All can cause an array of symptoms such as tremors, headaches, cognitive disfunction, muscle weakness, vision impairment, and damage to your organs. A lot of these symptoms are symptoms of Lyme, so there can definitely be some confusion here. It is actually the most common toxicity among everyone, Lyme riddled or not, and most are completely unaware of it!  


Since everyone is exposed to mercury in one way, shape, or form, it is not necessarily that you have been exposed to mercury more than others, it is how your body eliminates toxins from your body. As I have shared before, another common genetic abnormality among Lymies is MTHFR, making it much harder to detoxify and eliminate toxins, such as mercury from your body.


Some other reasons mercury toxicity is common among Lyme patients, are that mercury compromises the immune system. People with weakened immune systems tend to have the worse symptoms of Lyme. But, Lyme also weakens the bodies way to detoxify poisons. So… did the mercury toxicity come first, or did the Lyme come first? The mercury, allowing the spirochetes to thrive and spread, or the Lyme, weakening the body and not allowing the detoxification process. The chicken or the egg….


An interesting possibility of Lyme and mercury toxicity is part of the Lyme bacteria’s survival mechanisms. Lyme accumulates and hides mercury in your body. It is even thought that Lyme stores and uses mercury in the body as a “safe habitat”. Research shows that the Lyme bacteria holds on to mercury within the body since mercury is an immunosuppressant. The spirochete grabs little amounts of mercury within the body and eventually grabs on to even more, and more. Sometimes mercury is even stored IN a spirochete. Damn you smart bacteria, Lyme. Always thinking of good ideas so we can’t kill you.  


Either way, there is no real reason for knowing which came first, but at least this gives some information as to why mercury toxicity and Lyme can go hand in hand. 


So, how do you know if you have mercury toxicity? Well, there are many tests you can take, whether it is urine, hair testing, blood, or stool, and they can even give you the amounts in your system. For me personally, I did a urine test that involved taking high doses of a pill that would adhere to metals in your body over the course of a few days, and every time I went pee, I put it in a jug, that I had to keep in the fridge. Ice tea anyone? Only kidding, folks. Gross. After this was done I had to shake the jug to stir it up a little, take a sample and then mailed in the test via FedEx. After about two weeks, I got my results. I would recommend this test because it tested for all sorts of metal deficiencies and toxicities. 


You get whatever test back you choose to do and hear you have mercury toxicity. A good way to get rid of the mercury in your body is what is called a chelation process. Chelators are substances that bind to mercury and you eventually expel them from your body. Another thing is to be aware of your surroundings and what you are eating.

A warning however, when doing a chelation process, you are releasing the mercury, and the Lyme loses it’s “home” and is moving around again, which can cause a worsening of Lyme symptoms. 


Good options for chelators are DMSA (dimercaptosuccinic acid), DMPS (dimercaptopropane-l-sufonic acid), and ALA (alpha lipoic acid). DMPS and DMSA are water soluble, while ALA is fat soluble, so one of each should be used. This process can be tricky, so definitely ask your doctor about what the best process is for you, as trying at home can do more harm than good. Once again, talk to your doctor.


I hope this information was helpful! Dr S is a true believer in testing everything, to see how the immune system is working and if something else is going on, especially in my case due to the severity of my symptoms. Turns out, he was spot on. This would be a great topic to ask your doctor about next time you see him or her. It could definitely help you in the healing process.


Have a great day!,,,, The Top Ten Lyme Disease Treatments, Bryan Rosner, ,


11 thoughts on “The Link Between Lyme and Mercury Toxicity

  1. I believe when you get fillings at most dentists now there is no mercury in them. One of my friends who used to be a dental hygienist in FL had mercury poisoning a few years ago & had to detox. She got it from mercury in fillings and from handling the material when assisting dentists.

    • Yes now they are smarter about it, but the percentages are based off of what people have been given. That was just the common practice. Just like pencils being made from lead. No one thought different.

  2. I am afraid that those telling you that dentists don’t use mercury any more are telling fibs! As with Thimerasol,they tell you its been phased out …. but in fact they just changed its name … its still the same old stuff! Did you know that the EU has banned mercury thermometers as being dangerous to health … whilst allowing it in ‘vaccinations’ , dental work .. even in medications!

    • Scary stuff, huh? I am sure there are a lot that do not. But 85% of fillings containing mercury is a lot! You have to make your own judgements about everything. I don’t see that the flu shot is all that effective anyways, as more of the people that got the shot seem to be sick over the winter…. with a side of mercury to boot.

  3. i just had one of mine pulled – it had an old mercury filling on the outside – infected/cavity inside – dentist suggested a root canal (NOT)…..i still have 4 or 5 more to get the fillings out of – but this one was a molar – i said “yank it”.

      • it really wasn’t bad Kim. I didn’t even have to take the pain pills but couple of days. for tooth anyway. had a “root/bone fragment” pop out of gum above it about a month later (same day i had started back pulsing Flagyl – coincidence? I doubt it) – but dentist’s partner (who did extraction) said that the molars were interconnected….they were both out of town that weekend (it HAD to happen on a Friday lol).

        I did educate the dentist’s partner – during extraction and follow-up on “fragment —- he thought you got Lyme from deer LOL.

        Anyway – i did later use the pain pills when the bugs helped my period from hell….as we know…they like scar tissue – can hide there.

        I haven’t had the endometriosis “cleaned out” since 2006. Evidently the bastard bugs have stretched mine to my knees – and OMG – i told Doc it was like they have a jackhammer running from knees to bellybutton. Literally it will wake me up from medicated sleep. Again…bastard bugs.

        and yes – i read (did you post it) that we need to “not ovulate”. However….with heart – I can’t take any of that stuff.

        Don’t really care for tramadol as a pain pill – it interrupted my sleep cycle. Course so do nightmares. Vivid ones. some i can decipher. Some are just random weird crap…..damn bugs…

        back to the teeth…insurance will only pay for 50% of the removal of the fillings (some plans will cover that much if over 3 years old – mine from childhood)….and i don’t have the other 50%. So doc said leave it for now. I personally think we should just pull them lol – but that would probably make me a true southern redneck. Id honestly pull them all, but i don’t think insurance won’t cover dentures.

        I had some info saved on FB…about Lyme and dental….but its currently deactivated…. so if you have any good references….id like to share with my regular dentist.

        More later – I’ll DM you on Twitter soon….hope you don’t mind that I “repress” some of your blogs….referred several people to yours on Instagram too…. mines private there….

        off to run errands before i get tired….and maybe do some of my own blogging…you are right…it does help.

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  5. Watch out for mercury re-distribution if you decide to undergo the chelation process. It’s wise to have all mercury-based amalgam (silver) fillings removed by a dentist familiar with certain protocol ( International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicity) first to avoid more problems. Also, the best test to determine your body’s mercury burden is a hair test (blood tests will only show recent exposure). Results from hair testing must then be plotted into a formula devised by Andy Cutler in order to show the metal toxicity/burden. Do a google search for Cutler chelation protocol before attempting any mercury removal from your body.

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