October Part 1 – Brrrrr

The rest of my Saturday went pretty well for the most part. I really didn’t feel great, but was happy to go out for dinner with my friends. Over the winter months, when I was at my worst, I never went out and did anything. I sat at home. It didn’t make a difference if it was a weekday or weekend, every day was the same to me. So now I have a little something to look forward to on the weekends, as long as it is within reason. My friends are more than accommodating though and do what they can to include me. 


When I end up doing anything fun, I feel like I get punished for the next few days. Sunday was a long and miserable day. I did get to sleep in until around 9, which was nice, but everything in my body just plain hurt. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to work, so I took my sweet time, and managed to put a batch of clothes in the wash, vacuum, and wash my hair. After that, I was pretty much done for the day. I did absolutely nothing. But freeze. 


I spent most of the remainder of the day in bed, watching TV and trying to stay warm. Fuzzy socks, pants, a tank top, a long sleeved shirt, a winter fleece, and my bedding with a comforter and two blankets didn’t keep the cold away. I got up to bring the thermometer into the bedroom, thinking I had a fever, being so cold, and that I had a headache and that feverish sore and achy feeling throughout my body. 96.2 . Nope. Not running a fever… just cold.  My house was a comfortable 70 degrees, so there wasn’t an explainable reason for it. 


I use to have major temperature control issues when I was on Rocephin. Dave use to have to help me take a bath, and he could never understand how the water could be scorching hot to him, yet I could turn completely blue, shiver uncontrollably, and have become unresponsive before. He would quickly get me washed up and get me out of the tub, dried off, and take my temperature to be safe. I would run in the 95’s. I think it is a herx of sorts. 


I made sure to do a lactated ringer and once again it was a pretty quick one. I still had a headache, the kind where it hurts your eyes and forehead, and you can tell where the pressure is if you press down just below your ears at your jawline. I kept trying to massage the area like my massage therapist showed me, but it just plain wasn’t helping.


 I decided to go through some notes I had printed out with information to highlight for some blog entries, but I have had an unbelievably hard time writing this past week. I am a perfectionist, and obsessive, and feel like my writing is not up to par as it can be. Ideas usually roll off the top of my head, I can process information quickly and efficiently, and write fairly effectively. Lately, I have been disappointed with myself, but it is what I can do. And I thoroughly enjoy it since it takes my mind off of some of the suckyness that is my reality at the moment. Lots of couch time. 


So I watched a movie. Well, stared off into space and listened to a movie, and checked my Facebook and put a few words down on Words With Friends. And I went to bed at a reasonable time even for me. I am only wondering what Dr J is going to be thinking when he is hearing about my off days lately. Hmmm. 


Have a great day everyone! I know I will. 🙂 A little work, my therapeutic massage to get some of these toxins out of me and get some of this pain go away, a ringer, and a hair washing. I might even make Dave cook me dinner! We’ll see on that one. 😉



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