October Part 3 – End of Round 1 – Reunited With Flagyl


I have already experienced Flagyl. Flagyl has not been one of my best “pals” during treatment. I did a combination of Flagyl and Rocephin back in March. 


A long story short, I was very nauseous on this drug by day three. I was in a lot of pain. All over. Even my chest hurt. I would lightheaded and I would have blackouts. I was miserable. I wasn’t looking forward to be taking it again. I had the option to stick with Tindamax, but usually for me, it’s the one’s that make me herx and suck the most are the ones that are the most effective. So, reintroducing Flagyl…


Thursday was my first day to be taking Flagyl. With it being an “off antibiotic” day, I thought it was going to be horrible. It wasn’t as bad to be expected, which of course is good. 🙂 I even slept in until 9:30! Woohooo! I laid in bed for quite some time before actually getting out of bed, sore but bearable. The night before, Wednesday night,  after my IVs, my knees hurt so bad I couldn’t figure out if sitting with them bent or laying with them flat or elevated was any better, so it was great so get that little bit of extra sleep, lay down, stretch, relax, and of course cuddle with my dog. 😉


I had a few moments throughout the day that I felt pretty woozy, but not unbearable. I am really happy about that since I had enough energy to wash my hair as I couldn’t figure out what type of food was stuck in there, haha. I had to go to the pharmacy, do a deposit at the bank, and pick up some supplements from Dr S’s office. 


I went to work for a little bit to work on some paperwork for the end of the quarter and felt well enough to go to our Thursday 4-5 wings up the street for a little bit. We left before Dave could order dessert (he was bummed about missing out on bread pudding) as I was starting to feel tired , but it was the first time I had been out for Thursday evening wings for a month or so. I think my days events were just too much for me. 


When I got home, I kind of stayed in a walk asleep-half awake trance until Grey’s came on. And of course all my attention went to my show. I took all my night time medications, including my Flagyl while the show was going on and only felt nausea when Dave thought it would be funny while he was sitting in the chair next to me while I was laying down to shake my belly. Yes honey, I know it’s gotten bigger, you don’t have to jiggle it around to rub it in! Maybe I will barf on you next time. 


I was strongly hoping that was not a preview of nausea I would have on Friday! 


Numb rubbery legs, feel like my hands are being put through a meat grinder, extreme exhaustion… that’s cool. Mind over matter. I suck it up. The nausea is what I can’t mind over matter. Especially the kind that you get ZERO relief after throwing up. This feeling I have known time and time again. 


Friday. The day that I feared the most. Clindamycin and Zithro IVs, Mepron, Artimisinin, Septra DS…and Flagyl. Eeeek! I woke up already feeling like a bomb went off in my body. I woke up like I hadn’t even gone to bed, walking like a zombie to the closet for my supplies and the fridge for my clindamycin and started out the day with my morning IV. 


I must have sweat like crazy the night before, as my hair wash from the day before looked dirty and greasy. My forehead was wet. My neck was wet. My shirt felt damp. Thanks Babs. You’re awesome. 


I took a half-ass bath despite my grossness. Wore capris but I am pretty sure it had been a few days since I shaved my legs, so I was probably a wee bit prickly. I quite possibly forgot to put deodorant on. I don’t know. And I don’t really care at the moment.


 I had my big scoop of organic no additives peanut butter for my Mepron, and took the rest of my neurotropics, antibiotics, and supplements. 


My best friend happened to text me in the morning and I told her that today already sucked and she told me to come in to the salon she works at so she could was my hair for me, and so I did. It was good timing since she had time when I would have just finished my half-ass bath. 


Having a friend do something so simple can make all the difference. Maybe not in how you feel but your attitude toward the day. My mind briefly was taken away from how much I hated that day and that is great. 


By the time I was at work for a little bit, I felt like I had been hit by a ton of bricks. I could barely keep my eyes open, I was shaking like crazy, doing my long time gone “body rocks”, and had a horrible headache that left me feeling like my head was in a vice. My breakfast and small lunch I might as well have been eaten sitting on the toilet. 


And then what I knew was coming. I took Zofran before I left the house, but it wasn’t enough. Nausea. I didn’t end up throwing up, but dry heaving, nonstop.


I decided to skip on my errands like depositing my paycheck and just go home. I curled up in a little ball on my couch with all the blankets and took a short nap until Dave got home. He just sat next to me, not really saying anything. But I could tell he was sad I was having a bad day. I think it reminded him of how bad it use to be for me. It was one of those days.


He wanted to make sure I ate, so he made me some gluten free pasta with homemade sauce. Something a little more filling to maybe ward the nausea away. I always do better with a fuller stomach with nausea than an empty stomach. He is the best.


Of course, toilet time after dinner! Yay me! Maybe I will lose the few pounds that I have gained last month if this keeps up. 


Night time – Round 2 – Ding! Ok, one more round. One week off, one week off. Let’s do this! The drips seemed to go even slower, even though they were the same count as always. One Mississippi, Two Mississippi… Before my first IV was even done, I was already starting to have horrible pain in my knees. I got up to stretch my legs then I was ready for the Zithro. I felt like my body was running on reserves and just about empty. It wiped me out. And I hadn’t even taken my oral antibiotics yet. 


I always show a picture of my last hurrah for a protocol, well even though this is my first half as I will be starting the same after my week off. I am quite the catch. Boys will be trying to get my number! Watch out Dave! Only kiddin’ 😉 


After some facebooking, texting, and tv guide music listening, they finally finished. I would have done some more writing as I would have liked but I really didn’t feel like doing anything that required an ounce of effort. 


Then the rest of the antibiotics came. If you have ever taken Flagyl, you will know that disgusting taste it leaves in your mouth. It seems unfair that they make it so gross and nauseating before it even goes through your system. 


Luckily, it was the end of the night. Unluckily (Is unluckily a word? I don’t know but today it is.), the nausea set in. That horrible burping, dry heaving once again, and your mouth constantly watering feeling you get. And I did finally end up throwing up. But once again not the kind that really gives you relief.  God damnit. I broke down and took a Marinol…. the pot pill. Woot woot! Just kidding. you don’t get high off Marinol. Maybe I would sleep better if that was the case. Or get the munchies. 


I felt like shit. Shit shit shit. Sorry, but that is the only way to describe it. Ok, terrible, horrible.. I don’t know… but this seems more fitting as it really sucks. I was laying on my couch, ticking once again ( I have been doing a lot better in that aspect but this week has definitely stirred those bugs up), with my “AHHH” yelling and my thriller dance. My hands shaky. I could feel the right side of my face drooping and my right eye blurry and almost glossed over. And pain you wouldn’t believe. 


Today is another day. The start of my break. I am still feeling the aftermath of yesterday. Keeping it positive, but now that I have finished this first time, I fear the second. I’ll get through it, I know I will, I always do. 


Happy Saturday Everyone! 


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