October Part 4 – The Start of Holiday One – Dave’s Fortune

Saturday was my first day of my nine day break after two aggressive weeks of antibiotics. Partay! Just kidding. I was still completely wiped out from my Friday night of my verbal and physical tics, the Parkinson’s shakes, pain, nausea and a side of vomiting. I slept just past 11 that day. Dave went a few towns over to pick up a part for his truck, did his morning errands, and stacked firewood before I even got my ass out of bed. Way to make me look bad, Dave. 


Aside from feeling depleted, I felt better than my last day with Flagyl. Friday was not fun, whatsoever. 


I did a decent bath, minus the shaving part, and skipped the hair wash. I had it washed the day before and even though I was feeling grunchy from the night sweats it could wait. I quickly grabbed clothes and I am not too sure if they came from the clean hamper or the dirty but they seemed good enough. :-0 I put on some makeup to the best of my ability, to at least feel put myself together in some way, shape, or form. Time to get cracking with the beginning of my day…. at nearly 12:30… half the day already wasted LOL


The only thing I had to do in town was go to the bank. And grab a 20 oz coffee at a local store. I know I know, coffee is bad for Lymies. Deal with it or I will hurt you. I couldn’t focus much on work, and was starting to feel really light headed. I had a drink of water and just did what I could. I was getting sore and more tired so it was time to go home. I was going to have time to myself in the office the next day so why push myself?


Dave was running behind, I can’t remember for the life of me what he was doing… maybe helping someone move something? I don’t know. Geesh, he could have a bunch of get out of jail free cards since I wouldn’t remember a damn thing anyways! But Dave wouldn’t do that. An honest good man, and fear of the wrath of KimmieCakes… if I remembered. 


It was almost perfect he wasn’t home. I layed down and tried to take a nap, which was unsuccessful. I curled up in a little ball and did absolutely nothing. The TV wasn’t even on. Just staring into nothing. Wishing I could get some sleep. But even just resting for the time that I did, it made me feel better. No lightheadedness at least. 


Dave and I went to grab a quick dinner, and he wanted Chinese of course. Fortunately, most of their items are made with lotus flour, I just have to be careful with the sauces as they are made with regular flour which contains gluten. 🙂 


I can’t remember my fortune, as it was one of those lame statements instead of an actual fortune, so I crumpled it and left it on the table. But we got a laugh out of Dave’s…… 


“Pure love is a willingness to give without a thought of receiving anything in return.” … yep, pretty much his life story right now. How fitting. Poor guy. 


I felt a bit loopy again as we were all paid up. Dave helped me down the stairs. And away we went to visit our two friends who just moved into their home that they had built. And it was gorgeous. I was slightly jealous, not going to lie. It even smelled like new house.


 It was nice to just sit and catch up, as a few other friends that I miss a lot came over too. Time with the girls. I was pretty tired but happy to see everyone. 🙂


Once we got home, at around 11 at night, I have never gone to bed and fallen asleep so fast since seeing Dr J. I think I did too much that day, and for that I would pay.


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