October Part 5 – Let The Herxing Begin

 I know I’m still a little behind.. blah blah blah. I will watch up eventually. 


Sunday – I woke up late for work. After going and seeing our friends, work, bank, I was just so completely wiped out from it all. I REALLY needed to wash my hair, but I didn’t. My knees and hips were my main issue, so I guess joint pain, and the regular fibromyalgia type pain issues. I got through work pretty successfully. I even got some stuff ready to do the following day. Yay mee!


Once I was done work, I was having a quick talk with my Mom and opened up a bottle of really cold ice water. I took a sip and I was intense pain. I had been feeling like my throat was fuzzy before this, but then it turned to fire. I could feel the ice cold water in my stomach and pain started radiating to my upper left side and my heart. My Mom quickly got me a bottle of warm water and sipping that seemed to help. I have no idea what happened. Maybe candida issues?


Mind over matter, mind over matter. I made the drive home. And I curled up in a ball of pain. It was bizarre, my stomach was literally as hard as a rock. It hurt to touch, it hurt to move. We all know it’s definitely not like I can’t go to the bathroom either! LOL 


I almost feel like I should never lay on the couch when I am in pain. But when I don’t feel good, nothing feels better than sitting on that couch. 


All I wanted was sleep. I took my afternoon Gabapentin and Ativan, thinking since I was already exhausted, mind and body. I laid there. And I just couldn’t sleep. Wondering if something was seriously wrong after the cold water episode. 


Everything seemed to freeze up. My jaw, my thigh muscles, my hips, my back, my ankles. It’s not like I lay all slouchy like either. I felt so horrible that I literally started tearing up because I just wanted to go to bed. 


Well, no sleep, might as well do some writing. Dave was out with a few friends in his mud truck, so at least he didn’t see myself. I didn’t want to see myself. That’s not who I am. I am not a sad, pitiful girl. I am strong and I need to be that way. Roar. 


As the night went on,  started having worse tics and my stutter came back. I posted a video of myself a few days ago showing my tics. They are not nearly as bad, but have changed a lot from my past two videos in June of this year and November of 2012. 


 I did a lactated ringer and it actually took a more normal time to do, which I was surprised. I figured maybe I was extremely dehydrated.  I took my night time meds early, and once again….wiiiiiddddeeeee awake. I stayed up and watched reruns of King of Queens and did some typing. Well what I call typing… a lot of red squigglies underneath my words. Oopsie daisies! 


But I finally decided to go to bed anyways. Count sheep, whatever. My body said I needed sleep more than anything else. I couldn’t believe how much pain I was in. And I laid in bed and wondered what really happened earlier that day.

4 thoughts on “October Part 5 – Let The Herxing Begin

    • Yeah I am not sure about the whole water and stomach thing. I am sure it was a candida type of thing because after diflucan the next day it felt a lot better.

      Most of the other stuff is old symptoms just a worsening. Boo. But treatment is obviously killing something or else I wouldn’t be feeling like poo.

    • They are a lot better, thank you 🙂 . I am still having a hard time, but nothing like I was on Sunday. Things are much more tolerable now. I think it was a Flagyl herx. Sometimes it takes a few days to really hit. I mean it was like a bomb on Friday when I took everything, but another bomb came on Sunday. I think a part of it was overdoing it once again though. ugh!

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